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April 11, 2015
Garry Trudeau blames Charlie Hebdo cartoonists for their own death

"We have a new frontrunner for the title of Biggest Liberal Asshole on Planet Earth."

April 11, 2015
Kim Jong-un was a child prodigy

"Fine, but could he stop the seas from rising and shoot rainbows out of his hand?"

April 11, 2015
Photo the White House propaganda department tweeted yesterday

"Go ahead, you can barf now, we understand."

April 10, 2015
Science journalism: as bad as regular journalism

"Sounds like the scientists have dementia."

April 10, 2015
White House admits lying about the deal with Iran

"Just as we all suspected, even crazy duplicitous Iranians are more trustworthy than Obama."

April 9, 2015
White House now has a gender neutral restroom

"We think it’s fabulous that President Obama finally has a bathroom where he feels comfortable."

April 9, 2015
Don’t worry, Al Sharpton has a solution for police shootings

"And coincidentally it’s the same thing Obama advocates..."

April 8, 2015
Some animals are more equal than others

"A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee TA is offering his students extra credit if they’re bisexual."

April 8, 2015
Rolling Stone reporter’s OTHER fake rape story

"Apparently Sabrina Erdely is more fiction writer than news reporter."

April 7, 2015
Lesbian CNN commentator wants her daughter to be gay

"Because it’s all about validating Sally Kohn and her lifestyle choice, you see..."

April 7, 2015
Good news for rest of us

"Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs issued a fatwa allowing Muslims to use toilet paper."

April 6, 2015
Washington’s communist governor flies Red Chinese flag outside capitol

"Patriots aided by state trooper promptly lower it."

April 6, 2015
Romney’s NCAA bracket 6,893,093 places better than Obama’s

"And that’s how much better he would have been as president, too."

April 6, 2015
Mindy’s brother got into med school by pretending to be African-American

"The same undergraduate transcript that was considered too low for an Asian..."

April 5, 2015
Tech billionaires setting their sights on immortality

"This will be an interesting test of worldviews..."

April 4, 2015
Gay 2014 “Teacher of the Year” recognized by Obama has been fired

"The president with the reverse-Midas touch strikes again."

April 4, 2015
Why not Reid too?

"Obama-sycophant Reid did exactly the same thing. Exactly."

April 3, 2015
IRS ethics office lawyer disbarred for ethics violations

"Dr. Seuss couldn’t make this shit up."

April 3, 2015
Amidst drought and water rationing, California city building $35 million water park

"From a distance, it seems like everybody in that state is stark raving mad."

April 3, 2015
Democrat throws jar of Vaseline at Maine governor to stop town hall event

"And for some reason she wasn’t arrested."

April 2, 2015
You can never make peace with your mother-in-law

"Stephen Woytack was decorating his mother-in-law’s grave Monday when..."

April 2, 2015
White House announces deal with Iran, Iran immediately calls them liars

"This is like having Hitler and Satan try to sell you a snake..."

April 1, 2015

"Bursts of mathematically patterned radio waves from deep space have scientists placing odds..."

March 31, 2015
Bald’s Leechbook

"British researchers tested a 1,000-year-old Anglo Saxon recipe for a compound that fights infection..."

March 31, 2015
Iran nuclear talks deadline today: NO DEAL

"Should be fun watching Kerry and the rest of the Obama administration spin this into a success."

March 31, 2015
Load of hot heir

"On Friday, Prince Charles told Brits to turn off their lights to save energy..."

March 31, 2015
Mystery solved for why MSNBC is still on the air

"The economics of a network that nobody watches..."

March 30, 2015
Angie’s List boycotting Indiana

"Meanwhile, customers seem to be boycotting Angie’s List so maybe Indiana isn’t missing much."

March 30, 2015
Most of the money for the Ted Kennedy memorial came from you

"Even when he’s dead this crook manages to rape us."

March 30, 2015
Union-endorsed candidate running on platform of honesty...

"lies to police about hit-and-run accident where she ploughed into neighbor’s parked car."

March 30, 2015
Fun fact: Nepal and U.S. have the same problem

"Namely, out of control RINOs."

March 29, 2015
United Nations says Israel is worst violator of human rights

"Not North Korea where people are starving in what amounts to a giant prison camp..."

March 29, 2015
Why did the salmon cross the road?

"We don’t know, maybe they wanted to spawn on the other side..."

March 28, 2015
The Daily Beast tries to tie Bergdahl to Bush

"Say what? Since Bergdahl didn’t desert until June of 2009..."

March 28, 2015

"Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey plans to cut down 18,000 trees..."

March 27, 2015
Obama does sit-down interview with founder of

"Yep, you betcha, the President of the U.S. of A. ..."

March 27, 2015
Middle East according to Obama’s former ambassador to Iraq:

"We’re in a goddamn free fall here!"

March 26, 2015
Associated Press not sure Israel is a democracy

"We, on the other hand, are not sure the numbnuts at AP are journalists."

March 26, 2015
New York Times worried about Bergdahl getting a job:

"For members of the military, an honorable discharge is no small matter..."

March 26, 2015
MSNBC apologizes for insulting country music

"This was a wasted apology..."

March 26, 2015
Cambodia’s prime minister not impressed by Michelle

"Welcome to the club, dude."

March 25, 2015
Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion

"Hey, nice trade, Mr. President."

March 25, 2015
Nebraska state senator compares American police to ISIS, threatens to shoot a cop

"Something tells me there will be a slow response the next time he calls 911."

March 25, 2015
Physicists predict “imminent collapse” of universe

"That’s the bad news. The good news is..."

March 24, 2015
Hillary Clinton receives standing ovation from journalists

"After taking no questions..."

March 24, 2015
Speaking of poop...

"This is either about hygiene and aesthetics, or about politicians in D.C. resenting the competition."

March 24, 2015
NPR editor shocked—shocked!—that evangelical Christians support Israel

"Where do NPR people live, in caves?"

March 22, 2015
Self-portraits under the influence of LSD

"Clockwise from upper left..."

March 22, 2015
Austin “EXCLUSIVELY FOR WHITE PEOPLE” stickers placed by Hispanic lawyer

"Never mind."

March 21, 2015
Rapper Pharrell Williams addresses UN General Assembly on climate change

"Because that is the state of Global Warming science, folks. ‘Nuff said."

March 21, 2015
Mark Steyn: “Everybody in the Middle East despises this president”

"With all due respect to Mr. Steyn..."

March 21, 2015
Thai government warns women to stop posting “underboob selfies”

"...give them credit for keeping abreast of Internet trends and nipping this tasteless habit in the bud."

March 20, 2015
How dysfunctional is California?

"...a ballot measure proposal that authorizes the killing of gays by “bullets to the head”..."

March 20, 2015
New hero in the fight against Obama climate activism

"It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Super Manatee!"

March 19, 2015
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko meet Godzilla

"The horror."

March 18, 2015
Five months after re-electing their socialist/Marxist president...

"Brazilians take to the streets demanding impeachment."

March 14, 2015
Time catching hell for cover that gives Hillary devil horns

"Every once in a while the media accidentally gets something right."

March 14, 2015
Sliding back into the cesspool we spent 8 years climbing out of

"...Bill Clinton is facing a new paternity suit in Arkansas."

March 14, 2015
It's Pi Day today

"That has to mean something, right?"

March 13, 2015
Nation’s first transgender legislator arrested for bomb threat

"Stacey Laughton, formerly known as Barry Laughton, says he/she has a history of mental illness (no shit)..."

March 13, 2015
What did I tell you?

"Robot hookers and haptic whores—the future of sex is now."

March 12, 2015
Two officers shot by protesters outside Ferguson police station

"Happy now, Holder?"

March 12, 2015
Global Warming strikes Italy

"The village of Capracotta in central Italy was hit with 100 inches of snow in 18 hours last week..."

March 12, 2015
Researchers say chivalry is sexist

"Men who smile and hold doors open for women are engaged in 'benevolent sexism...'"

March 11, 2015
Bill Nye tweets photo of bare slopes in Jackson Hole, blames climate change

"Except, gee whiz—liar, liar, pants on fire, Science Guy!—the photo is not of Jackson Hole..."

March 11, 2015
President of South Africa using Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe as role model

"And we all know what happened in Zimbabwe."

March 11, 2015
Sydney Leathers bags another Democrat

"...what is it with Democrats and ugly women?"

March 10, 2015
AP study guide labels Clarence Thomas a fascist and pairs him with KKK

"The Tea Party is over there on the fascist end of the spectrum, too..."

March 10, 2015
SSA has 6.5 million social security numbers for people over 112

"...hey, this is the government we’re talking about."

March 9, 2015
The Church of England calls for end of free markets

"...the mother church back in Canterbury has completely lost its way."

March 9, 2015
UN climate official pines for “more global governance muscle”

"Pine away, bitch..."

March 9, 2015
Elijah Cummings knee deep in IRS scandal

"...this scumbag sell-out should be a target of the investigation."

March 9, 2015
NYTimes cuts George and Laura Bush out of Selma photo

"God forbid people see a Republican celebrating civil rights."

March 8, 2015
The fundamental contradiction of the Democrat Party starkly displayed

"Yesterday in Selma... the other side of the billboard honored the founder of the KKK."

March 8, 2015
Politico says White House knew about Hillary’s private email server in August

"Obama says he just heard about it “through news reports.”"

March 8, 2015
Protesters march in Wisconsin day after new police shooting

"Like Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Marton, Tony Robinson is just another innocent black victim..."

March 7, 2015
Planet Fitness boots woman for complaining about man in women’s locker room

"Apparently the man in the locker room “identifies” as a woman..."

March 6, 2015
Justice Dept. preparing corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez

"He’s a Democrat. From New Jersey. ‘Nuff said."

March 6, 2015
Star Trek reality: Dutch food designer builds crackers with 3D printer

"Even more amazing..."

March 6, 2015
What does 170-year-old beer taste like?

"...pretty much like Stroh’s."

March 4, 2015
Al Franken apologizes “for being a guy”

"Don’t worry about it, Mr. Smalley, you don’t have that much to apologize for."

March 2, 2015
Obama “very interested” in raising taxes via executive order

"That’s according to his official spokesman, Josh (Not) Earnest..."

March 2, 2015
Shadow of a blue dress

"Too funny. The artist who painted Bill Clinton’s official portrait..."

March 2, 2015
Netanyahu more popular than Obama

"According to a Gallup poll conducted Feb. 8-11..."

March 1, 2015
The Daily Beast retracts story on Scott Walker

"Remember what the MSM did to Sarah Palin?"

March 1, 2015
2,185 cold temperature records broken or tied in last week

"And records aren’t just being broken, they’re being shattered..."

March 1, 2015
Polar bears doing just fine

"...we predict the doom and gloom about polar bears will continue."

February 28, 2015
Federal judge tells deported Mexicans they can come back now

"After all, we feel bad that maybe we hurt someone’s feelings."

February 27, 2015
Goodbye, Mr. Spock

"He lived long, he prospered, and..."

February 27, 2015
Obama spent $3 billion that Congress didn’t authorize

"And when Congress asked Treasury to explain..."

February 27, 2015
As NASA spacecraft approaches dwarf planet Ceres...

"Ceres evinces two bright lights."

February 26, 2015
DC Comics' Catwoman comes out as bisexual

"What's next, Captain American turns out to be a Soviet sleeper agent?"

February 26, 2015
Climate alarmist faces congressional investigation for not being alarmist enough

"Oh oh! ...the Hive is not happy."

February 26, 2015
Richard Dawkins wants government to “protect” children from religion

"So what about protecting children from parents who are atheists?"

February 25, 2015
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton links NYPD with slavery

"Hey, it’s Black History Month—this is when liberals celebrate 28 days of ritual self-flagellation."

February 24, 2015
Who scored higher on climate science quiz, skeptics or alarmists?

"(In their defense, Al Gore may have skewed the alarmist average downward.)"

February 23, 2015
North Carolina: illegals committed 518 child sex assaults in December

"Thank you, Mr. Obama..."

February 23, 2015
ISIS threatens Italy

"These ISIS guys aren’t the brightest bulbs in the chandelier are they?"

February 22, 2015
Brigitte Bardot on trial again for hate speech against Muslims

"What did she say this time?"

February 22, 2015
Six hour test of new Nevada solar plant torches 130 birds

"And they were only using one third of the mirrors..."

February 22, 2015
John McCain says he’s ashamed

"For this guy, being right on two out of three is a personal record."

February 21, 2015
Habitat for Humanity building NJ Dem new house on the Atlantic

"Assemblywoman Linda Stender..."

February 21, 2015
Pacquiao vs Mayweather—it’s on!

"Potentially the greatest boxing match of all time will happen May 2."

February 20, 2015
UN climate chief accused of sexual harassment

"Why would a handsome guy like Rajendra Pachauri need to sexually harass?"

February 20, 2015
DNC Debbie caught selling herself in emails

"We always knew what she was, we just didn’t know the price."

February 19, 2015
McCain’s latest excuse for funding Obama’s amnesty

"Hey, now that we have a favorable court ruling, we can let the courts stop the president."

February 19, 2015
Kim Jong Un has a new haircut

"Can you make me look even stupider by shaving my eyebrows half off?"

February 18, 2015
Washington Post calls new Veterans Secretary a liar

"Secretary McDonald claimed 900 people overall had been fired since he was appointed in July..."

February 16, 2015
Even the left has decided Obama sucks

" a three to one margin they think Barack Obama is the worst president ever."

February 16, 2015
115-year-old woman reveals secret of longevity:

"Three raw eggs per day and no husband."

February 15, 2015
Marvel Comics makes Thor female

"You can’t even read a comic book nowadays without getting slapped in the face with gender reassignment."

February 15, 2015
Obama: making history for six years now

"’s rather frightening."

February 14, 2015
The media wants you to know Oregon’s new governor is bisexual

"Why do we care and what does that even mean..."

February 14, 2015
Pursuing irrelevance, Senate Democrats become pod people

" golly they’re all over the frightening threat of household detergent pods."

February 13, 2015
He was there the night the Berlin Wall came down, too

"Just when you think Brian Williams is finally out of the headlines..."

February 12, 2015
Environmental reporters instructed by editors to ignore skeptical scientists

"Anybody with the sense God gave a slab of granite already knew this was happening..."

February 12, 2015
Minor league baseball team announces Brian Williams Night

"The full name for the promotion is “Brian Williams’ Pants-on-Fire-Night.”"

February 12, 2015
Wait a minute, what?

"Speaking in Iowa today, Biden gave a shout out to his “old butt buddy.”"

February 11, 2015
Bad climate predictions get their own website

"It’s kind of fun looking at 40 years of stupidity by climatologists."

February 11, 2015
San Francisco archbishop stuns diocese...

"by revealing that he’s Catholic."

February 9, 2015
I, Robot: the war begins

"...for the first time in recorded history... a robot with artificial intelligence has attacked a human being."

February 9, 2015
Just when you thought MSNBC could not get stupider

"Melissa Harris-Perry asks Attorney General Eric Holder to quack like a duck."

February 9, 2015
Turkish proverb: “A woman for duty, a boy for pleasure, but a melon for ecstasy”

"Berkeley is offering a new lecture titled “Queering Agriculture”"

February 8, 2015
Three women dressed as dominatrix cops engineer mass prison break

"You can’t say no to a dominatrix, right?"

February 7, 2015
Woman beats best friend to death with crock pot… over “presidential politics”

"Crackpot crock pot assailant Tewana Sullivan isn’t saying which of the two women was pro-Obama..."

February 6, 2015
The skimpy, the moldy, the mysterious, and the gross

"Photos of the Michelle Obama school lunch program Congress needs to see."

February 5, 2015
Dan Rather backs Brian Williams

"Talk about the Kiss of Death..."

February 5, 2015
Air Force base allows desecrated “gay” flag

"Political correctness run amok. What’s next, pink uniforms and high-heeled combat boots?"

February 4, 2015
Oops! Palestinian newspaper publishes image of Muhammad

"Apparently they missed that little Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris last month."

February 4, 2015
Gallup calls Obama a liar

"We have our No Shit Sherlock winner for February."

February 3, 2015
Obama predicted one million electric cars on the road by 2015

"In spite of eight billion dollars from the federal government, he was off by 71.4%."

February 2, 2015
Obama horns in on Super Bowl (again) with faulty history

"It is the sign of a pathological liar to lie even when he doesn’t need to lie..."

February 2, 2015
Egypt finds Obama meeting with Muslim Brotherhood in White House “not understandable"

"Just like the rest of his foreign policy."

February 2, 2015
ICE says transgender illegal aliens have right to hormone therapy

"Is there anything these dumbass bureaucrats don’t think American taxpayers should pay for?"

February 1, 2015
Super Bowl XLIX open thread

"Let’s try to be polite..."

February 1, 2015
Christie-for-president PAC has unfortunate acronym

"LeadershipMattersForAmerica.Org = LMFAO."

January 31, 2015
Christian woman commandeers podium at Muslim event

"This is the same woman, Christine Weick, who was ushered out of the Washington National Cathedral..."

January 31, 2015
Confirmed: Bruce Jenner “transitioning into a woman”

"He’s changing his gender slowly so they can film a reality TV show about it..."

January 30, 2015
Feminists angry about sexist Newsweek cover about sexism

"Ever get the feeling feminists and Muslims wake up every morning looking for a reason to be outraged?"

January 30, 2015
One of terrorists Obama traded for deserter Bowe Bergdahl has already returned to terrorism

"Gee, who saw that coming?"

January 30, 2015
Super Bowl: officials will hold onto balls

"Whether multiple officials will be thus employed or one ref will hold onto everybody’s balls is unclear."

January 29, 2015
Jesse Ventura says he won’t be seeing American Sniper

"Easy to act brave when the guy you’re insulting is dead, Jesse..."

January 29, 2015
AG nominee tells Senate that illegal aliens have a right to work

"Just what we need: another Attorney General who ignores the law..."

January 28, 2015
General tells Senators al-Qaeda has “grown fourfold in the last five years”

"Hmm, what was it Obama said in his State of the Union Address last year?"

January 28, 2015
Obama State Department financing election campaign against Netanyahu in Israel

"Not only does that violate U.S. law, we’re pretty sure it’s not kosher in Israel either."

January 28, 2015
Meet the nominee for Physician General of Pennsylvania

"It’s a guy who decided in middle age that he’s a woman..."

January 28, 2015
Alabama secedes from the Union again

"Alabama’s Supreme Court Chief Justice sent a letter to the governor..."

January 27, 2015
BBC executive says Charlie Hebdo killers should not be called terrorists

"A member of the House of Lords called the BBC “mad as rats”..."

January 27, 2015
Those new jobs Obama is always bragging about?

"They’re all in Texas."

January 27, 2015
Oxford University Press bans any mention of pigs in children’s books

"Ostensibly, the publisher doesn’t want to offend “Jews and Muslims” but we all know..."

January 26, 2015
Fox News protester shoots himself in chest outside headquarters

"Is that what they call a good start?"

January 26, 2015
Five days after claiming credit for increased oil production...

"Obama moves to limit oil production. (Again.)"

January 26, 2015
As Obama tours India, Indians pine for Bush

" least Bush wasn’t so rude as to chew gum in the prime minister’s face."

January 26, 2015
Immigration officers blast Republican border bill

"Different political party in control of Congress, same old policy..."

January 25, 2015
British researchers want to release genetically modified mosquitos in Florida

"...what could go wrong?"

January 24, 2015
Report: Renee Ellmers (R-NC) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) having an affair

"Well, we knew they had to reproduce somehow."

January 24, 2015
California bars judges from being Boy Scout leaders

"California is answering the question, “What would happen if the gay mafia took over a state?”"

January 23, 2015
Norwegian soldiers sent on naked Arctic jog catch frostbite

"Maybe the Norwegian army is over-manned and wanted to reduce staff."

January 23, 2015
The conservative TV ad NBC refuses to run

"...this refusal to run an ad is a warning shot."

January 23, 2015
De Blasio calls Sheldon Silver “a man of integrity”

"This on the day Silver is arrested for corruption."

January 22, 2015
Mossad slaps down Bloomberg News

"Today, Mossad issued a statement..."

January 22, 2015
Satellite image shows new long-range missile outside Tehran

"So far the U.S. mainstream media is ignoring both the story and the implications..."

January 22, 2015
NY Assembly Speaker arrested for bribery and kickbacks

"Yawn. Another day, another crooked Democrat."

January 22, 2015
Republican border security bill removes more fence than it builds

"Maybe they should add a little money for welcome mats and cold beverages."

January 21, 2015
Scientists rank most dangerous sex positions

"Wait a minute, we can use different positions!?"

January 21, 2015
NFL ball scandal swells

"Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Brad Johnson (actual name)..."

January 21, 2015
Not good enough for NFL, Michael Sam trolls Catholic Church

"Since he’s not Catholic we’re not sure who he’s supposed to be defying."

January 19, 2015
Robert Redford says Mitch McConnell “looks like he just slid out from under a rock”

"Mitch won’t win any beauty pageants but, dude, have you looked in a mirror lately?"

January 19, 2015
Coup underway in Yemen

"...another Middle Eastern country disintegrates in the aftermath of Obama’s Arab Spring."

January 19, 2015
Uproar after Miss Lebanon caught smiling in selfie next to Miss Israel

"Lebanon is considering stripping Miss Lebanon of her title for fraternizing with the enemy."

January 17, 2015
CDC admits “possibility” that vaccines trigger autism

"Game, set, match to Jenny McCarthy."

January 17, 2015
The New Republic reviews American Sniper without watching it first

"It reminds us of how the old New Republic did journalism."

January 17, 2015
In wake of Paris terror attacks, Obama has advice for Europe

"You need to better integrate your Muslims like we do."

January 16, 2015
Women’s college cancels Vagina Monologues because it’s not feminist enough

"Mount Holyoke College cancelled the play because it doesn’t include women who don’t have vaginas."

January 16, 2015
Jerusalem consulate replacing U.S. Marines and Israeli guards with armed Palestinians

"John Kerry’s two-digit IQ strikes again."

January 15, 2015
Which polling company do you trust?

"Somebody must have their finger on the scale."

January 15, 2015
“Will we see chopsticks?”

"That was the very first question from a gathering of roughly 200 journalists..."

January 15, 2015
Justin Bieber accidentally joins meeting of gay Republicans

"The funny part is, the gay Republicans mistook him for Miley Cyrus."

January 14, 2015
Wow! Former FBI agent writes open letter to Eric Holder...

"and skewers the AG like goat meat shish kebab at a big fat Greek wedding."

January 14, 2015
Albuquerque Tea Party still waiting for tax-exempt status from IRS

"What was it the president said about the IRS scandal?"

January 14, 2015
Rubio sponsors bill for unlimited guest-worker visas

"One thing Republicans never get tired of: shooting themselves in the foot."

January 13, 2015
Snowmen forbidden in Saudi Arabia

"Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Frosty!"

January 13, 2015
Muslim terrorist leader behind Paris attacks was a little whoremaster

"...the FBI described him as a “prodigious john”..."

January 12, 2015
Study: Men who post selfies tend to be psychopaths

"Can’t argue with the conclusion given the evidence."

January 11, 2015
World leaders gather in Paris to protest Islamic terror

"Everybody except Obama. He’s busy—NFL playoffs are on TV."

January 11, 2015
Muslims spent most of their history depicting Mohammed’s face in art

"Then, a few centuries ago, someone decided it was prohibited..."

January 10, 2015
Two more women fail Marine Infantry Officer Course

" far women are 0–29, with only three of them making it past the first day."

January 10, 2015
UN Secretary-General says terror in France had nothing to do with religion

"So relax everybody! and stop worrying about Islam."

January 9, 2015
After Dish Network drops Fox News, 90,000 subscribers drop Dish

"...the first rule of the jungle? Don’t mess with the elephants."

January 9, 2015
“Don’t fall into desperation—the stores are full”

"So says Venezuela’s Interior Minister, Carmen Melendez..."

January 8, 2015
Tragic unintended irony

"The reservoir dogs trying to instill terror in the heart of France..."

January 8, 2015
Mayor de Blasio banned from holding groundhogs

"So Chuck, like New York’s cops, is turning his back on the mayor."

January 8, 2015
Alabama Democratic Party Chairwoman got stuck on toilet

"She wrote about it in her annual Christmas letter."

January 7, 2015
Malia Obama on Instagram wearing anti-cop gangster rap T-shirt

"...guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree."

January 7, 2015
The dinner party from hell

"So now you know five people devoid of scruples."

January 6, 2015
ISIS chief executioner found beheaded with cigarette in mouth

"Lady Justice visits Syria."

January 6, 2015
How low are CNBC’s ratings?

"So low they’ve decided to stop paying Nielsen to measure them."

January 6, 2015
“Trickle-Up Queer Animal Liberation”

"...a whole new level of bat shit crazy."

January 5, 2015
NPR worried about Ebola ruining prostitution in Sierra Leone

"It’s the oldest story in the world—hemorrhagic fever wrecking small businesswomen’s livelihood..."

January 5, 2015
UK to allow three-parent children

"The age of genetically modified designer children is about to begin."

January 5, 2015
Saudi Arabia’s top religious leader issues fatwa on marrying little girls

"He says it’s okay! go ahead guys! there is no minimum age..."

January 4, 2015
Wikipedia removes all mention of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s quote fabrication

"Yet another example showing why the information at Wikipedia cannot be trusted."

January 4, 2015
The Cairo speech Obama was too cowardly to give

"From Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on New Year’s Day:"

January 4, 2015
Now that Harry Reid is not in control, liberals want Senate abolished

"Oddly, they never said a word about this before."

January 4, 2015
Federal government now buys sex change surgery for seniors

"Denee Mallon, age 74, who says he’s much happier now, has been surgically modified..."

January 3, 2015
MSNBC’s Al Sharpton asks viewers what they consider “3 top events/news stories of 2014”

"Our favorite response:"

January 3, 2015
Obamacare will cover your abortion but not your baby

"They “postponed” that feature because so much other shit wasn’t working."

January 3, 2015
China cracks down on government corruption, Macau casinos suddenly empty

"Casino revenue in Macau fell more than 30% in December."

January 2, 2015
Barack and Michelle’s “let them eat cake” new year celebration meal

"We assume the restaurant doesn’t serve any of those yucky school lunches..."

January 2, 2015
San Francisco’s interactive poop map shows where homeless hang out

"And when we say “hang out,” we mean it."

January 1, 2015
Harper Collins published an atlas of the Middle East that omits Israel

"Hey, that’s what our customers wanted."

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