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Global warming

The biggest scientific scam in history

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AGW tyranny & political correctness

Times Atlas exaggerates Greenland ice loss - September 19, 2011

"The Times Atlas of the World exaggerated the rate of Greenland's ice loss in its thirteenth edition last week, scientists said on Monday. The atlas, published by HarperCollins, showed that Greenland lost 15 percent of its ice cover over the past 12 years..."

The Warmists strike back - September 6, 2011

"If the Earth's atmosphere is reflecting more heat than thought, then the climate models are wrong. This could not stand! The editor of Remote Sensing, the publishing journal, has resigned." [More here.]

Establishment stifling CERN cosmic ray report - August 27, 2011

"CERN has joined a long line of lesser institutions obliged to remain politically correct about the man-made global warming hypothesis. It’s OK to enter “the highly political arena of the climate change debate” provided your results endorse man-made warming, but not if they support Svensmark’s heresy that the Sun alters the climate by influencing the cosmic ray influx and cloud formation."

PBS purposely ignores skeptical scientists - August 18, 2011

"Rush Limbaugh will probably howl at me for expecting the MSM to accurately report both sides of the issue, but my incessant inquiries reveal that one news outlet, PBS' NewsHour, appears unable to clearly state why skeptic scientists' viewpoints aren't worth considering."

BBC muzzles climate skeptics - July 21, 2011

"THE BBC was criticised by climate change sceptics yesterday after it emerged that their views will get less coverage because they differ from mainline scientific opinion."

East Anglia tries to silence Delingpole - April 10, 2011

"The University of East Anglia of Climategate fame – scene of the embarrassing emails that disgraced the global warming cause – has once again been embarrassed, this time through a failed attempt to silence one of the UK’s most brilliant – and biting – global warming sceptics."

U.N. leader wants propaganda from Hollywood - February 27, 2011

"Ban Ki-moon, the normally buttoned-up Secretary General of the United Nations, swept into Los Angeles during Oscar week playing the role of Hollywood pitchman. His message: Make global warming a hot issue."

Girl Scouts back off GW lobbying pledge - February 11, 2011

"The Girl Scouts of the United States of America has launched a campaign called Forever Green that included an online pledge girls could sign, promising they would encourage public officials to pass emissions-reducing legislation."

NASA's muzzle hustle - January 19, 2011

"Just a bit over a month ago, December 14, we ran a blog piece on a NASA web page that said the sun is primarily responsible for climate change, and that whatever warming is caused by man's contributions to greenhouse gases is swamped by the effects of the sun and other natural variables."

Hansen prefers rule by decree - January 17, 2011

"The nation’s most prominent publicly funded climatologist is officially... blaming democracy and citing the Chinese government as the “best hope” to save the world from global warming. He also wants an economic boycott of the U.S. sufficient to bend us to China’s will."

Warmists plan campaign against skeptics - November 8, 2010

"Faced with rising political attacks, hundreds of climate scientists are joining a broad campaign to push back against congressional conservatives who have threatened prominent researchers with investigations and vowed to kill regulations to rein in man-made greenhouse gas emissions."

Warming propagandist slapped down - October 14, 2010

"William Connolley, arguably the world’s most influential global warming advocate after Al Gore, has lost his bully pulpit. Connolley did not wield his influence by the quality of his research or the force of his argument but through his administrative position at Wikipedia, the most popular reference source on the planet. Through his position, Connolley for years kept dissenting views on global warming out of Wikipedia, allowing only those that promoted the view that global warming represented a threat to mankind. As a result, Wikipedia became a leading source of global warming propaganda, with Connolley its chief propagandist."

Warming out, 'Disruption' in - September 16, 2010

"From the administration that brought you "man-caused disaster" and "overseas contingency operation," another terminology change is in the pipeline. The White House wants the public to start using the term "global climate disruption" in place of "global warming" ..."

Warmist slander of skeptics - September 15, 2010

"Warmist true believers bitterly cling their mantra that only the corrupting influence sinister money could possibly explain skepticism toward the theory they embrace as gospel truth."

Silencing global warming critics - August 26, 2010

"The Warmists are at it again, attempting to manipulate media coverage of global warming..."

James Cameron chickens out on debate - August 24, 2010

"...yesterday, just one day before the debate, his representatives sent an email that Mr. "shoot it out " Cameron no longer wanted to take part. The debate was canceled."

Are we 'rushing to extinction'? - August 20, 2010

"The California Academy of Sciences, located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, is one of the finest natural history museums in the country. If you get the opportunity to go there, I urge you to do so. Unfortunately, not everything in the museum deserves to be called "science.""

I.P.C.C. urges "distance" from media - July 10, 2010

"The 831 researchers who will contribute to the next round of assessments of climate science and policy options by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have been sent a letter admonishing them to “keep a distance from the media” and send any press inquiries about the work of their author groups to supervisors."

Climate scientists to fight back with propaganda - March 5, 2010

"Undaunted by a rash of scandals over the science underpinning climate change, top climate researchers are plotting to respond with what one scientist involved said needs to be "an outlandishly aggressively partisan approach" to gut the credibility of skeptics."

PC indoctrination at Build-A-Bear - December 22, 2009

" pains me to tell you that animated characters actually break into a discussion of satellite photos and that Mrs. Claus conducts a rather unscientific experiment involving ice cubes. Needless-to-say, this constitutes brainwashing on the sleaziest and most sinister level."

Wikipedia’s climate doctor - December 19, 2009

"All told, Connolley created or rewrote 5,428 unique Wikipedia articles. His control over Wikipedia was greater still, however, through the role he obtained at Wikipedia as a website administrator, which allowed him to act with virtual impunity. When Connolley didn’t like the subject of a certain article, he removed it — more than 500 articles of various descriptions disappeared at his hand. ...Connolley turned Wikipedia into the missionary wing of the global warming movement."

European police state going global? - December 17, 2009

"Today the gloves came off and the true purpose of the “global warming” scare became nakedly visible. Ugo Chavez, the Socialist president of Venezuela, blamed “global warming” on capitalism – and received a standing ovation from very nearly all of the delegates, lamentably including those from those of the capitalist nations of the West that are on the far Left – and that means too many of them. Previously Robert Mugabe, dictator of Rhodesia, who had refused to leave office when he had been soundly defeated in a recent election, had also won plaudits at the conference for saying that the West ought to pay him plenty of money in reparation of our supposed “climate debt”."

Physics group splinters over GW review - December 10, 2009

"As the science scandal known as ClimateGate grows, the largest U.S. physicists' association is finding itself roiled by internal dissent and allegations of conflict of interest over a forthcoming review of its position statement on man-made global warming."

Scientists rally to defend Global Warming - December 9, 2009

"More than 1,700 scientists in Britain agree to sign a statement defending the "integrity and honesty" of global warming research, but at least one alleges he felt pressured to do so."

Irish journalist questioning Gore has mic shut off - October 9, 2009

YouTube video of Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer trying to get Gore to answer a question about the errors in "An Inconvenient Truth"

Stanford bans climate film from airing interview - October 6, 2009

"Stanford University has banned a skeptical documentary film from airing a climate change interview with one of its prominent warming activist professors, Stephen Schneider. After legal threats from Stanford University -- apparently on behalf of Prof. Schneider -- the documentary filmmakers were forced to use a blank screen and an actor had to read the transcript of Schneider's already taped but legally banned climate interview."

Gore hails AGW issue leading to global governance - July 10, 2009

"Gore touted the Congressional climate bill, claiming it “will dramatically increase the prospects for success” in combating what he sees as the “crisis” of man-made global warming. “But it is the awareness itself that will drive the change and one of the ways it will drive the change is through global governance and global agreements.”"

Polar bear expert barred by global warmists - June 27, 2009

"Dr Taylor had obtained funding to attend this week's meeting of the PBSG, but this was voted down by its members because of his views on global warming."

Scientist muzzled by EPA - June 25, 2009

"The Competitive Enterprise Institute is today making public an internal study on climate science which was suppressed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Internal EPA email messages, released by CEI earlier in the week, indicate that the report was kept under wraps and its author silenced because of pressure to support the Administration’s agenda of regulating carbon dioxide."

Biggest tax increase in human history - May 27, 2009

"If enacted, H. R. 2454 would be the biggest government takeover of the economy since the Second World War, which is the last time energy, food, and other basic commodities were rationed. It would also be the biggest tax increase in the history of the world and would cause a colossal transfer of wealth from consumers to big businesses."

The Climate-Industrial Complex - May 22, 2009

"Some business leaders are cozying up with politicians and scientists to demand swift, drastic action on global warming. This is a new twist on a very old practice: companies using public policy to line their own pockets."

Elementary school lessons draw concern - February 9, 2009

"Could environmental education be crossing into environmental indoctrination? Some critics say yes, as schools boast that such curricula simply is teaching children ways of caring for the earth."

NASA scientist James Hansen admits to 1,400 interviews - March 20, 2007

"A NASA scientist who said the Bush administration muzzled him because of his belief in global warming yesterday acknowledged to Congress that he'd done more than 1,400 on-the-job interviews in recent years."

Delaware governor muzzles state climatologist - February 22, 2007

""Your views on climate change, as I understand them, are not aligned with those of my administration," Minner wrote."

Skeptical scientists under attack - February 12, 2007

"Scientists skeptical of climate-change theories say they are increasingly coming under attack -- treatment that may make other analysts less likely to present contrarian views about global warming."

Oregon governor wants to fire state climatologist - February 7, 2007

"In the face of evidence agreed upon by hundreds of climate scientists, George Taylor holds firm. He does not believe human activities are the main cause of global climate change. Taylor also holds a unique title: State Climatologist."

EU power grab using environmental crimes - February 7, 2007

"The Commission's decision this week to create common criminal rules for environmental crimes is seen by some as a sign that Brussels will take full advantage of the court ruling to stealthily advance EU powers."

Delaware state climatologist under fire for being skeptic - February 6, 2007

"A Delaware scientist's contrarian stand on global warming and climate change has earned him national attention in a series of critical reports..."

Delaware state climatologist takes heat for FOC brief - February 1, 2007

"Delaware's state climatologist has found himself in the middle of a political squall after taking skeptical stands on global warming..."


"There is no environmental issue that has become more politicized. Scientists have had their grant funding stripped, others have had their certifications threatened, and exaggerations have become commonplace. In fact, when a recent example of this was put on my web blog, there was so much concern that the 70,000 hits per hour crashed the Senate server."

Op-Ed in Wall Street Journal by Richard S. Lindzen - July 2, 2006

"...there is a clear attempt to establish truth not by scientific methods but by perpetual repetition."

Washington Times commentary by Patrick J. Michaels - May 24, 2006

"The word's out: Puffing up global warming is scientifically acceptable, a legitimate activity required to get people's attention..."

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed by Richard Lindzen - April 12, 2006

"Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse."

Der Spiegel essay by Hans Von Storch and Nico Stehr - January 24, 2005

"[Global Warming] scientists lapse into a zeal reminiscent of nothing so much as the McCarthy era. For them, methodological criticism is the spawn of "conservative think tanks and propagandists for the oil and coal lobby," which they believe they must expose; dramatizing climate change, on the other hand, is defended as a sensible means of educating society."

"Environmentalism as Religion" speech by Michael Chrichton - September 15, 2003

"Today, one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists."

Climate legislation & regulation

EPA delays GW rules again - September 15, 2011

"For the second time in four months the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that they will again delay the release of their much anticipated global warming regulations."

EPA caught lying about regulations - June 29, 2011

"Effective policy cannot be built on lies and myths. But when it comes to energy policy that seems to be all we have to go on. A report recently released by the EPA, for instance, claims that by 2020 regulations enacted under the Clean Air Act will provide an annual benefit of $2 trillion for a cost of $66 billion, a 30-to-1 return on investment... Unfortunately, the EPA is lying."

Climate change affirmation fails in House - April 6, 2011

"The House rejected a Democratic amendment Wednesday that would have put the chamber on record backing the widely held scientific view that global warming is occurring and humans are a major cause."

House votes to stop funding IPCC - February 19, 2011

"Just before 2 a.m. on February 19, the war on climate science showed its grip on the U.S. House of Representatives as it voted to eliminate U.S. funding for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

VA legislators try to stop climate probe - January 18, 2011

"Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been taking the University of Virginia to court to get information on a climate change researcher who once worked at the school. Now several members of the State Assembly say they've had enough and have introduced legislation to rein in Cuccinelli's investigation." [Muzzle attempt fails.] [More info here.] [More info here.]

California's CARB capers - December 27, 2010

"...the adopted regulation is more than three thousand pages long, but most of the details have yet to be worked out. CARB rushed to meet a December 31 deadline set by the 2006 legislation that authorizes CARB to reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020."

California backs off strict diesel rules - December 18, 2010

"The changes, which were prompted by the economic downturn that has idled many trucks and construction machines, also came after the California Air Resources Board acknowledged that some of the original rules had been based on a major miscalculation of how much pollution the engines produce."

Texas sues EPA over "global warming" rules - September 16, 2010

"The state of Texas today sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a federal appeals court in Washington DC, claiming four new regulations imposed by the EPA are based on the 'thoroughly discredited' findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and are 'factually flawed...'"

Senators work on bipartisan climate bill - March 29, 2010

"The bill’s sponsors – John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat, Joseph Lieberman, the independent from Connecticut, and Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican – said the new sectoral approach would begin imposing carbon caps on utilities in 2012 and manufacturers in 2016."

California watchdog sees climate policy job losses - March 9, 2010

"California is likely to see modest job losses in the near term from its aggressive climate change policy due to higher energy costs and other factors, the state's independent Legislative Analyst's Office said."

IMF suggests how to raise climate change funds - March 8, 2010

"The head of the International Monetary Fund on Monday proposed a plan for the world's governments to pool together to raise money needed to adapt to climate change, a rare step for an organization that normally does not develop environmental policies."

Three states sue EPA over global warming ruling - March 4, 2010

"The EPA, which is threatening to regulate carbon emissions if Congress won’t, is facing legal heat from states that say new regulations will kill jobs at the worst possible time."

Defections shake up climate coalition - February 17, 2010

"Three big companies quit an influential lobbying group that had focused on shaping climate-change legislation, in the latest sign that support for an ambitious bill is melting away."

IPCC methods affect EPA endangerment finding - January 25, 2010

"One of the more interesting knock-ons of the opportunistic IPCC reliance on WWF and similar “authorities” is that it may compromise the ability of the U.S. EPA to argue that IPCC peer review meets the statutory standards required of EPA peer review."

"Scam, scam, scam!" - January 20, 2010

Breibart video of UK's Godfrey Bloom blasting the European Parliament.

Democrat senator warns Obama - December 5, 2009

"Climate-change skeptics, fired up by the controversy over a series of British scientists' e-mails, are putting President Obama on notice: Don't commit the United States to any long-term goals at next week's climate summit in Copenhagen. One of the strongest such warnings has come from a member of the president's own party, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia."

World leaders back delay to final climate deal - November 15, 2009

"U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders on Sunday supported delaying a legally binding climate pact until 2010 or even later..."

Britain's Godfrey Bloom addresses European Parliament - October 20, 2009

YouTube video of Godfrey Bloom angrily dismissing the global warming scam.

Economic consequences of Waxman-Markey - August 6, 2009

"After a truncated debate and last-minute changes, the House of Representatives narrowly passed climate-change legislation on June 26, 2009, designed by Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA). The 1,427-page bill would restrict greenhouse gas emissions from industry, mainly carbon dioxide from the combustion of coal, oil, and natural gas."

The number of skeptics is swelling everywhere - June 26, 2009

"Steve Fielding recently asked the Obama administration to reassure him on the science of man-made global warming. When the administration proved unhelpful, Mr. Fielding decided to vote against climate-change legislation. If you haven't heard of this politician, it's because he's a member of the Australian Senate."

Electric cars won't decrease greenhouse gases - June 25, 2009

"The stimulus law enacted in February promoted the purchase of plug-in electric cars by the federal government and the broader market, but a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released this month says that the use of plug-in electric vehicles will not by itself decrease greenhouse gas emissions."

Senate report on green job creation - Spring 2009

"As the endnotes indicate, reports by green jobs advocates and supporters formed the overwhelming majority of material reviewed. Nevertheless, a mixed picture of green jobs efforts presented itself with massive taxpayer subsidies required to create green jobs and higher energy prices and lost existing jobs expected from current proposals to fund green jobs creation."

Report on Spain's experience with green jobs - March 2009

"Europe’s current policy and strategy for supporting the so-called “green jobs” or renewable energy dates back to 1997, and has become one of the principal justifications for U.S. "green jobs” proposals. Yet an examination of Europe’s experience reveals these policies to be terribly economically counterproductive."

Climate money

Hansen uses NASA status to enrich himself - June 22, 2011

"The NASA scientist who once claimed the Bush administration tried to "silence" his global warming claims is now accused of receiving more than $1.2 million from the very environmental organizations whose agenda he advocated."

Lobbyists who cleared 'Climategate' academics - April 23, 2011

"The little-known not-for-profit company works behind the scenes at international conferences to further its aims. One of its key supporters headed the official investigation into the so-called "Climategate emails", producing a report which cleared experts of deliberately attempting to skew scientific results to confirm that global warming was a real threat."

Big Green CEO's earn more than skeptics - September 28, 2010

"An Examiner analysis found a median salary of $228,703 among the opposition groups, or nearly $33,000 less than that received by the environmental executives. The gap is even wider when media total compensation figures are compared, with top executives at environmental opponents receiving $254,605, or nearly $54,000 less than the top 15 environmental executives."

Warmist slander of scientific skeptics - September 15, 2010

"Warmist true believers bitterly cling [to] their mantra that only the corrupting influence [of] sinister money could possibly explain skepticism toward the theory they embrace as gospel truth."

Gore takes cash from chemical firm - April 19, 2010

"Al Gore's environmental organisation has taken money to raise awareness about the need for clean water from a controversial chemicals company involved in the aftermath of one of the world's worst pollution disasters."

EU's 'carbon fat cats' get rich off trading scheme - March 5, 2010

"Europe's system for industrial carbon quotas has enriched the continent's biggest polluters, with ten firms together reaping permits for 2008 alone worth 500 million euros, a new report revealed."

EDITORIAL: Global warming winners - March 3, 2010

"The greatest scandal connected to global warming is not exaggeration, fraud or destruction of data to conceal the weakness of the argument. It is those who are personally profiting from promoting this fantasy at the expense of the rest of us."

Mann's mad money - December 2, 2009

"So for the benefit of those interested in climate science transparency and even Mr. Mann himself... I will list here his funded proposals since 2006..."

Climate Money by Joanne Nova - July 21, 2009

"The US government has spent over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, administration, education campaigns, foreign aid, and tax breaks. By pouring so much money into a question have we inadvertently created a self-fulfilling prophesy instead of an unbiased investigation?"

Contrarian scientists

Nobel physicist resigns over GW - September 14, 2011

"Giaever announced his resignation from APS was due to the group's belief in man-made global warming fears. Giaever explained in his email to APS: "In the APS it is ok to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible?""

The truth about greenhouse gases - May 2011

"William Happer is the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University." [Reprinted here.]

Greenpeace founder questions manmade global warming - January 20, 2011

Video of interview with Patrick Moore.

1000 international scientists dissent - December 8, 2010

"More than 1,000 dissenting scientists (updates previous 700 scientist report) from around the globe have now challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 2010 321-page Climate Depot Special Report -- updated from the 2007 groundbreaking U.S. Senate Report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming "consensus" -- features the skeptical voices of over 1,000 international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC."

Physics prof: "AGW pseudoscientific fraud" - October 9, 2010

"It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist."

Seven eminent physicists skeptical of AGW - July 25, 2010

"Freeman Dyson, Ivar Giaever (Nobel Prize), Robert Laughlin (Nobel Prize), Edward Teller, Frederick Seitz, Robert Jastrow and William Nierenberg all skeptical of “man-made” global warming (AGW) alarm."

4th International Conf. on Climate Change - May 16-18, 2010

"The theme for ICCC-4 will be “Reconsidering the Science and Economics.” New scientific discoveries are casting doubt on how much of the warming of the twentieth century was natural and how much was man-made, and governments around the world are beginning to confront the astronomical cost of reducing emissions. Economists, meanwhile, are calculating that the cost of slowing or stopping global warming exceeds the social benefits."

Among weathercasters, doubt on warming - March 29, 2010

"Climatologists, who study weather patterns over time, almost universally endorse the view that the earth is warming and that humans have contributed to climate change. There is less of a consensus among meteorologists, who predict short-term weather patterns."

Met Office accused of "warm bias" - January 17, 2010

"A BBC weather forecaster has suggested that the Met Office's super-computer has a 'warm bias' which has stopped it predicting bitterly cold spells like the one we have just endured."

Climate change "fraud" - December 2, 2009

"Professor Ian Plimer condemned the climate change lobby as “climate comrades” keeping the “gravy train” going. In a controversial talk just days before the start of a climate summit attended by world leaders in Copenhagen, Prof Plimer said Governments were treating the public like “fools” and using climate change to increase taxes."

Scientist says CO2 not causing global warming - November 12, 2009

"Professor Ian Plimer, a geologist from Adelaide University, argues that a recent rise in temperature around the world is caused by solar cycles and other "extra terrestrial" forces. He said carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, widely blamed for global warming, is a natural phenomenon caused by volcanoes erupting."

Scientist says CO2 doesn't cause global warming - October 7, 2009

"Leighton Steward is on Capitol Hill this week armed with studies... in a bid to show senators working on the energy bill that the carbon dioxide cap-and-trade scheme could actually hurt the environment by reducing CO2 levels."

U.S. Chamber of Commerce v. Global Warming - August 30, 2009

"Just when it seems we're moving ahead on the issue of global warming, along comes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce threatening to put the science of climate change on trial. The chamber has reasons of its own... in pushing the EPA to hold a public hearing that chamber officials say would be the Scopes Monkey Trial of the 21st century, complete with witnesses, cross-examination and a judge."

World's largest science group furious with editor - July 31, 2009

"An outpouring of skeptical scientists who are members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) are revolting against the group's editor-in-chief -- with some demanding he be removed -- after an editorial appeared claiming “the science of anthropogenic climate change is becoming increasingly well established.”"

MIT climate forecast called unscientific - June 17, 2009

"While the MIT group espouses lofty-sounding objectives to provide leadership with "independent policy analysis and public education in global environmental change," we found their procedures inconsistent with important forecasting principles."

Global warming? Not so fast, skeptics say - June 6, 2009

"Welcome to the third annual International Conference on Climate Change, a daylong session of speeches and scientific presentations that took place Tuesday just blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Almost no media covered the event."

Review of new climate book, "Heaven And Earth" - April 13, 2009

"The most important point to remember about Plimer is that he is Australia's most eminent geologist. As such, he thinks about time very differently from most of us. He takes the long, long view. He looks at climate over geological, archaeological, historical and modern time. He writes: "Past climate changes, sea-level changes and catastrophes are written in stone." Much of what we have read about climate change, he argues, is rubbish, especially the computer modelling on which much current scientific opinion is based, which he describes as "primitive"."

Over 700 scientists dissent from AGW claims - updated March 16, 2009

"Over 700 dissenting scientists (updates previous 650 report) from around the globe challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore."

Censored EPA report by Alan Carlin - March 9, 2009

"Not only is the science of the TSD out-of-date but there are a number of other disturbing inconsistencies between the temerpature and other scientific data and the GHG/CO2 hypothesis that need to be carefully explored and explained if the draft TSD is to be credible."

Over 30,000 scientists declare skepticism - ongoing petition drive

"There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth."

Hansen’s Former Supervisor Declares Himself a Skeptic - January 27, 2009

"Retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist Dr. John S. Theon, the former supervisor of James Hansen, NASA’s vocal man-made global warming fears soothsayer, has now publicly declared himself a skeptic and declared that Hansen “embarrassed NASA” with his alarming climate claims and said Hansen was “was never muzzled.”" [Echoed here.]

It's time to pray for global warming - January 19, 2009

"At December's U.N. Global Warming conference in Poznan, Poland, 650 of the world's top climatologists stood up and said man-made global warming is a media generated myth without basis."

Princeton Physicist says AGW Science "Mistaken" - December 23, 2008

""I have spent a long research career studying physics that is closely related to the greenhouse effect", said Happer. "Fears about man-made global warming are unwarranted and are not based on good science.""

Weather Channel Founder says ‘Greatest Scam in History’ - November 11, 2007

"It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create an illusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same environmental whacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the “research” to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims. Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus."

Al Gore debates Global Warming - October 3, 2007

Watch a YouTube video comparing Al Gore's claims with statements from actual scientists.

Less than half of published scientists support AGW - August 29, 2007

"Of 528 total papers on climate change, only 38 (7%) gave an explicit endorsement of the consensus. If one considers "implicit" endorsement (accepting the consensus without explicit statement), the figure rises to 45%. However, while only 32 papers (6%) reject the consensus outright, the largest category (48%) are neutral papers, refusing to either accept or reject the hypothesis. This is no "consensus.""

Skeptics win global warming debate in New York - March 16, 2007

"Before the start of the nearly two hour debate the audience polled 57.3% to 29.9% in favor of believing that Global Warming was a “crisis”, but following the debate the numbers completely flipped to 46.2% to 42.2% in favor of the skeptical point of view."

Allegre's second thoughts - March 5, 2007

"Claude Allegre, one of France's leading socialists and among her most celebrated scientists, was among the first to sound the alarm about the dangers of global warming."

Expert disputes hurricane link to global warming - February 23, 2007

"Chris Landsea, science and operations director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, said the notion that global warming is causing an increase in hurricanes gained widespread attention after the stormy seasons of 2004 and 2005. But that perception is wrong and the statistics don't bear it out, Landsea told about 200 students and professors..."

Cleveland weathermen downplay global warming - February 16, 2007

"It's not that [they] disbelieve the data entirely. But they're skeptical, and they don't believe that it's necessarily our fault or that we should panic over it. "We have maybe 100 years of data on a rock that's 6 billion years old," said Johnson, a WEWS Channel 5 weatherman. "Mother Nature tends to even herself out, and the fact is, the Earth is cyclical.""

Review of ten Global Warming skeptics - February 9, 2007

"Who are the global warming deniers...? To discover whether these deniers are crackpots from the fringes of academia, as their detractors so often claim, I decided to investigate scientists at odds with the UN's Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change..."

Canadian climatologist says Global Warming doesn't exist - February 5, 2007

"Believe it or not, Global Warming is not due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This in fact is the greatest deception in the history of science. We are wasting time, energy and trillions of dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an issue with no scientific justification."

National Post article about astrophysicist Nir Shariv - February 2, 2007

"Like many others, I was personally sure that CO2 is the bad culprit in the story of global warming. But after carefully digging into the evidence, I realized that things are far more complicated than the story sold to us by many climate scientists or the stories regurgitated by the media."

The limits of predictability - January 19, 2007

"We only understand 10% of the climate issue. That is not enough to wreck the world economy with Kyoto-like measures."

Denver Post article about skeptics at Colorado State - December 26, 2006

"The words "global warming" provoke a sharp retort from Colorado State University meteorology professor emeritus William Gray: "It's a big scam.""

BBC News Op-Ed by Mike Hulme - November 4, 2006

"It seems that it is we, the professional climate scientists, who are now the (catastrophe) sceptics. How the wheel turns."

Signers of the Anti Global Warming Petition - Since 2001

Physicists, Geophysicists, Climatologists, Meteorologists, Oceanographers, and Evironmental Scientists Signers

Signers of the Anti Global Warming Petition - Since 2001

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, and other Life Sciences Signers

Data trends

Mosquitoes disappearing in parts of Africa - August 26, 2011

"One possibility for the reduction in numbers is climate change. Patterns of rainfall in these years were more chaotic in these regions of Tanzania and often fell outside the rainy season. The scientists say this may have disturbed the natural cycle of mosquito development."

69% say scientists have falsified GW data - August 3, 2011

"While a majority of Americans nationwide continue to acknowledge significant disagreement about global warming in the scientific community, most go even further to say some scientists falsify data to support their own beliefs."

Al Gore's hurricane predictions wrong - June 28, 2011

"During the past 6-years since Hurricane Katrina, global tropical cyclone frequency and energy have decreased dramatically, and are currently at near-historical record lows."

Is the atmosphere still warming? - April 13, 2011

"...there are a variety of other observations of the Earth’s radiative balance and ocean heat content, supporting of the “no warming” claim, by top researchers such as Douglass and Loehle. There does not appear to be any credible empirical evidence from the AGW camp that the atmosphere is still warming."

The weather isn't getting weirder - February 10, 2011

"Some climate alarmists would have us believe that these storms are yet another baleful consequence of man-made CO2 emissions. In addition to the latest weather events, they also point to recent cyclones in Burma, last winter's fatal chills in Nepal and Bangladesh, December's blizzards in Britain, and every other drought, typhoon and unseasonable heat wave around the world. But is it true?"

2010 not so warm after all - December 5, 2010

"But though it was still successfully trying to influence media headlines during Cancun last week by saying that 2010 might yet end up as the warmest year, the small print reveals the Met Office climbdown. Last year it predicted that the 2010 average would be 14.58C. Last week, this had been reduced to 14.52C."

Eastern seaboard summers and AGW lies - August 12, 2010

"Interesting theory! Only problem is that summers have been generally getting cooler across those regions for the last 80 years."

GISS generating temperature data - July 26, 2010

"GISS has determined that the Arctic is warming rapidly across vast distances where they have no 250 km data (pink.) A way to prove there’s no data in the region for yourself is by using the GISTEMP Map locator..."

NASA invents warm Finland - April 15, 2010

"GISS station values are even more spectacular, the warmest March on record is set in every Finnish station GISS is following. For instance, according to GISS, the mean March temperature in Sodankylä (61402836000) was a remarkable +1.5 °C beating the old record (-2.2 °C) from 1920 by 3.7 °C! Well, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, March 2010 was colder than usual all over Finland, especially in the northern part. For instance, the mean temperature in Sodankylä was -10.3 °C, which is almost three degrees below the base period 1971-2000 average (-7.5 °C). So the GISS March value for Sodankylä is off by amazing 11.8 °C!"

Hockey stick graph attacked - April 14, 2010

"Professor David Hand, president of the Royal Statistical Society, said that a graph shaped like an ice hockey stick that has been used to represent the recent rise in global temperatures had been compiled using “inappropriate” methods. “It used a particular statistical technique that exaggerated the effect [of recent warming],” he said."

Data compromised by sensor locations - February 26, 2010

"A critical cog in the machinery that drives the theory of global warming may be compromised, as temperature sensors across the U.S. appear to be exposed to heat sources that some critics say is corrupting their information."

Britain's weather office proposes do-over - February 23, 2010

"At a meeting Monday of 150 climate scientists, representatives of Britain's weather office proposed that the world's climatologists start all over again and produce a new trove of global temperature data that is open to public scrutiny and "rigorous" peer review."

World may not be warming - February 14, 2010

"The United Nations climate panel faces a new challenge with scientists casting doubt on its claim that global temperatures are rising inexorably because of human pollution."

Sanity check: 2008-2009 coolest years since 1998 - January 23, 2010

"While the press is hyperventilating over NASA GISS recent announcement of the “Hottest Decade Ever“, it pays to keep in mind what happened the last two years of the past decade."

Central England data belies warming - January 13, 2010

"...trend analysis work did not reveal any "man-made" signal confirming that human CO2 was causing "accelerating" temperatures."

Ice data puts Hockey Stick in perspective - December 9, 2009

"Well, whaddaya know — a hockey stick. In fact, the “blade” continues up in the 20th century at least another half a degree. But how long is the handle? How unprecedented is the current warming trend?"

Earth's capacity to absorb CO2 greater than expected - November 11, 2009

"This suggests that terrestrial ecosystems and the oceans have a much greater capacity to absorb CO2 than had been previously expected."

Measured warming is due to land use changes - November 11, 2009

"“Across the U.S. as a whole, approximately 50 percent of the warming that has occurred since 1950 is due to land use changes (usually in the form of clearing forest for crops or cities) rather than to the emission of greenhouse gases,” said Stone."

Hadley temperature data under question - September 30, 2009

"Keith Briffa and his fellow scientists have published a series of articles in scientific publications since 2000, all of them saying that warming is occurring faster than predicted, and all of them misusing statistical analysis and referring to data that they have resisted making available to others who would like to check their work."

Treemometers: A new scientific scandal - September 29, 2009

"A scientific scandal is casting a shadow over a number of recent peer-reviewed climate papers. At least eight papers purporting to reconstruct the historical temperature record times may need to be revisited, with significant implications for contemporary climate studies, the basis of the IPCC's assessments. A number of these involve senior climatologists at the British climate research centre CRU at the University East Anglia. In every case, peer review failed to pick up the errors."

Daily mean temperature in the Arctic - 1958-2008

Daily mean temperatures in the Arctic for 2009 plotted plotted against fifty years of data, showing that temepratures are almost exactly where they should be. Very impressive visual evidence.

Drop in world temperatures fuels climate debate - August 19, 2009

"Has Earth's fever broken? Official government measurements show that the world's temperature has cooled a bit since reaching its most recent peak in 1998. That's given global warming skeptics new ammunition to attack the prevailing theory of climate change."

Is the U.S. surface temperature record reliable? - 2009

Anthony Watts inspects and reports on the reliability of the 1,221 temperature recording stations in the U.S., and discovers that 89% of them do not meet National Weather Service standards.

Tundra releases carbon slower than thought - May 28, 2009

"We find that areas that thawed over the past 15 years had 40 per cent more annual losses of old carbon than minimally thawed areas, but had overall net ecosystem carbon uptake as increased plant growth offset these losses."

Greenhouse gas emissions decline in 2008 - May 21, 2009

"The Energy Department's Energy Information Administration (EIA) said Wednesday that carbon-dioxide output fell by 2.8 percent last year, the largest annual decline in energy-related carbon-dioxide emissions since 1990."

Data suggest warming causing CO2 increase - May 11, 2009

"Global warming theory assumes that the increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere comes entirely from anthropogenic sources, and it is that CO2 increase which is causing global warming. But it is indisputable that the amount of extra CO2 showing up at the monitoring station at Mauna Loa, Hawaii each year... is strongly affected by sea surface temperature (SST) variations... which are in turn mostly a function of El Nino and La Nina conditions..."

Global warming refuted by data - March 29, 2009

A series of charts from 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York.

Study Could Realign Climate Change Theory - March 15, 2009

"...a new study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee could turn the climate change world upside down. Scientists at the university used a math application known as synchronized chaos and applied it to climate data taken over the past 100 years."

Rebuttal to Antarctic warming study - January 21, 2009

"In terms of the significance of their paper, it overstates what they have obtained from their analysis."

NASA studies show oceans are cooling - January 21, 2009

"Two separate studies through NASA confirm that since 2003, the world's oceans have been losing heat. In the peak of the recent warming trend, 1998 actually ranked 2nd to 1934 as the warmest year on record."

Hansen admits error, used Sept. data in Oct. - December 18, 2008

"A surreal scientific blunder last week raised a huge question mark about the temperature records that underpin the worldwide alarm over global warming."

The Mystery of Global Warming's Missing Heat - March 19, 2008

"Some 3,000 scientific robots that are plying the ocean have sent home a puzzling message. These diving instruments suggest that the oceans have not warmed up at all over the past four or five years."

Errors covertly corrected by the I.P.C.C. after publication And Uncorrected Errors by Al Gore - March, 2007

"Error 1 A 10-fold exaggeration in the effect of melting ice-sheets on sea-level rise"
"Error 2 A 20-fold exaggeration of the climatic effects of rising CO2 concentrations"

Global Warming climate models wrong - February 13, 2007

"A new report on climate over the world’s southernmost continent shows that temperatures during the late 20th century did not climb as had been predicted by many global climate models. [This] follows a similar finding from last summer by the same research group that showed no increase in precipitation over Antarctica in the last 50 years."

UK Telegraph article by Bob Carter - September 4, 2006

"Consider the simple fact, drawn from the official temperature records of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, that for the years 1998-2005 global average temperature did not increase (there was actually a slight decrease...)"

Ad Hoc Committee Report on the 'HOCKEY STICK' - July 14, 2006

"It is important to note the isolation of the paleoclimate community; even though they rely heavily on statistical methods they do not seem to be interacting with the statistical community." Mann "hockey stick" seen in proper perspective

TCS Daily article by Duane D. Freese - June 27, 2006

"While Mann is doing much now saying that his caveats about temperature were ignored by the media and the IPCC -- an excuse the NAS panel accepted -- he and his crew certainly did much to discredit those who raised questions about his work."

Oceans lose 20% of accumulated heat in two years - May 26, 2006

"This work has several implications. First, the updated time series of ocean heat content presented here... and the newly estimated confidence limits... support the significance of previously reported large interannual variability in globally integrated upper-ocean heat content. However, the physical causes for this type of variability are not yet well understood. Furthermore, this variability is not adequately simulated in the current generation of coupled climate models used to study the impact of anthropogenic influences on climate."

Abstract of Alpine Speleotherm Study by Mangini et al - June 17, 2005

"Temperature maxima during the Medieval Warm Period between 800 and 1300 AD are in average about 1.7 °C higher than the minima in the Little Ice Age and similar to present-day values." Related graph

Extraterrestrial influence

CERN: Cosmic rays affect cload formation - September 7, 2011

"CERN's researchers reported last month that in the conditions they've observed so far, these rays appear to be enhancing the formation rates of pre-cloud seeds by up to a factor of 10. Current climate models do not consider any impact of cosmic rays on clouds."

Warming 'caused by sun's radiation' - December 8, 2009

"Professor Henrik Svensmark, a physicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen, said the recent warming period was caused by solar activity. He said the last time the world experienced such high temperatures, during the medieval warming period, the Sun and the Earth were in a similar cycle."

Earth approaching sunspot records - September 21, 2009

"...the sun's recent activity, or lack thereof, may be linked to the pleasant summer temperatures the midwest has enjoyed this year, said Charlie Perry, a research hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Lawrence."

Sun-caused warming - September 8, 2009

"A team of international scientists has finally figured out why sunspots have a dramatic effect on the weather... The Aug. 28 issue of the journal Science details how the scientific team led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), using a century's worth of data and three powerful computer models, figured out just how small changes in solar activity can trigger great changes in earth's climate."

Sun oddly quiet - May 4, 2009

"The sun is the least active it's been in decades and the dimmest in a hundred years. The lull is causing some scientists to recall the Little Ice Age, an unusual cold spell in Europe and North America, which lasted from about 1300 to 1850."

NASA finds link between Sun and climate - March 19, 2007

"The researchers found some clear links between the sun's activity and climate variations. The Nile water levels and aurora records had two somewhat regularly occurring variations in common - one with a period of about 88 years and the second with a period of about 200 years. The researchers said the findings have climate implications that extend far beyond the Nile River basin."

Global Warming on Mars, Pluto, Triton and Jupiter - March 4, 2007

"Global Warming on Mars, Pluto, Triton and Jupiter strongly points towards the Sun or Some other cosmic force being the cause of the recent global warming on Earth."

Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming - February 28, 2007

"Simultaneous warming on Earth and Mars suggests that our planet's recent climate changes have a natural—and not a human- induced—cause, according to one scientist's controversial theory."

Cosmic rays blamed for global warming - February 11, 2007

"It was long thought that clouds were caused by climate change, but now we see that climate change is driven by clouds. This has not been taken into account in the models used to work out the effect carbon dioxide has had."

Global warming on Mars! - January 26, 2007

"Mars has global warming, but without a greenhouse and without the participation of Martians. These parallel global warmings – observed simultaneously on Mars and on Earth – can only be a straightline consequence of the effect of the one same factor: a long-time change in solar irradiance."

Will the sun cool us? - January 12, 2007

"The science is anything but settled... except for one virtual certainty: The world is about to enter a cooling period."

Global warming on Jupiter! - May 4, 2006

"The latest images could provide evidence that Jupiter is in the midst of a global change that can modify temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit on different parts of the globe."

Global warming on Saturn! - June 9, 2005

"Perhaps the answer to this might be the "Global Warming" that has become apparent in our Solar System in the last few years. A warming that is having an effect on all of the planets (including the Sun). Although this change in our Solar System was noticed at least 8 years ago, there has been very little said about it in the media." article by Robert Roy Britt - March 20, 2003

"In what could be the simplest explanation for one component of global warming, a new study shows the Sun's radiation has increased by .05 percent per decade since the late 1970s."

Global warming on Pluto! - October 9, 2002

"In what is largely a reversal of an August announcement, astronomers today said Pluto is undergoing global warming in its thin atmosphere even as it moves farther from the Sun..."

Global warming on Mars! - December 6, 2001

"Mars may be in the midst of a period of profound climate change, according to a new study that shows dramatic year-to-year losses of snow at the south pole."

Global warming on Neptune! - June 24, 1998

"We're not the only ones experiencing global warming. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher has reported that... Neptune's largest moon, Triton, seems to have heated up significantly since the Voyager space probe visited it in 1989."

General & miscellaneous

Thermometer manufacturer destroys GW myth - September 26, 2011

"An independent climate science think tank produces evidence from a leading infrared thermometer manufacturer proving that climatologists were mistakenly taking incorrect readings of atmospheric temperatures. Latest findings are set to trigger a paradigm shift in climate science."

The abiding faith of warm-ongers - December 22, 2010

"Karl Popper, the late, great philosopher of science, noted that for something to be called scientific, it must be, as he put it, "falsifiable." That is, for something to be scientifically true, you must be able to test it to see if it's false. That's what scientific experimentation and observation do. That's the essence of the scientific method. Unfortunately, the prophets of climate doom violate this idea. No matter what happens, it always confirms their basic premise that the world is getting hotter. The weather turns cold and wet? It's global warming, they say. Weather turns hot? Global warming. No change? Global warming. More hurricanes? Global warming. No hurricanes? You guessed it."

"Strangest intellectual aberration" - December 17, 2010

"The climate bugaboo, the strangest intellectual aberration of our age, rampages because in the me and now we have cast aside three once-universal forms of learning that gave us perspective: a Classical education, to remind us that in reason and logic there is a difference between true and false; a scientific education, to show us which is which; and a religious education, to teach us why the distinction matters."

Gore admits ethanol is bad policy - November 22, 2010

"Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore said support for corn-based ethanol in the United States was "not a good policy", weeks before tax credits are up for renewal... He explained his own support for the original programme on his presidential ambitions. "One of the reasons I made that mistake is that I paid particular attention to the farmers in my home state of Tennessee, and I had a certain fondness for the farmers in the state of Iowa because I was about to run for president.""

Chicago Climate Exchange (quietly) closes - November 6, 2010

"Global warming-inspired cap and trade has been one of the most stridently debated public policy controversies of the past 15 years. But it is dying a quiet death. In a little reported move, the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) announced on Oct. 21 that it will be ending carbon trading — the only purpose for which it was founded — this year."

Climate alarmists on the run - May 31, 2010

"How the tables have turned in a short time. On May 20, Oxford Union, the prestigious 187-year-old English debating society, formally considered the question of whether it was more important to focus on growing the economy or solving global warming. Climate realism won the day, 135 to 110. It's no wonder, considering how the purportedly scientific arguments advanced in support of the scaremongering conclusions have fallen apart since the Climategate scandal..."

100 reasons why climate change is natural - December 15, 2009

"HERE are the 100 reasons, released in a dossier issued by the European Foundation, why climate change is natural and not man-made:"

The inconvenient truth about malaria - December 5, 2009

"I am a scientist, not a climatologist, so I don’t dabble in climatology. My speciality is the epidemiology of mosquito-borne diseases. As the film began, I knew Mr Gore would get to mosquitoes: they’re a favourite with climate-change activists. When he got to them, it was all I feared."

Past warming shows gaps in climate knowledge - July 15, 2009

"A dramatic warming of the planet 55 million years ago cannot be solely explained by a surge in carbon dioxide levels, a study shows, highlighting gaps in scientists' understanding of impacts from rapid climate change."

How do climate models work? - July 13, 2009

"Since fears of manmade global warming — and potential legislation or regulations of carbon dioxide emissions — are based mostly upon the output of climate models, it is important for people to understand the basics of what climate models are, how they work, and what their limitations are."

Evidence of global warming 1,000 years ago in Peru - July 1, 2009

"The last time global warming came to the Andes it produced the Inca Empire. A team of English and U.S. scientists has analyzed pollen, seeds and isotopes in core samples taken from the deep mud of a small lake not far from Machu Picchu and their report says that "the success of the Inca was underpinned by a period of warming that lasted more than four centuries.""

The man who cried doom - June 15, 2009

"It's been more than 20 years since James Hansen first warned America of impending doom. On a hot summer day in June 1988, Hansen, the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, came to Washington to announce before a Senate committee that "the greenhouse effect has been detected and it is changing our climate now." The greenhouse effect would have looked obvious enough to anyone watching on television. The senators conducting the hearing, including Al Gore, had turned the committee room into an oven."

2008 was the year AGW was disproved - December 31, 2008

"Easily one of the most important stories of 2008 has been all the evidence suggesting that this may be looked back on as the year when there was a turning point in the great worldwide panic over man-made global warming."

Scientists Call AP Report 'Hysteria' - December 31, 2008

"Scientists skeptical of the assertion that climate change is the result of man's activites are criticizing a recent Associated Press report on global warming, calling it "irrational hysteria," "horrifically bad" and "incredibly biased.""

Gore's documentary is science fiction - February 23, 2007

"When it comes to global warming, apparently the truth is inconvenient. And it’s not just Gore’s movie that’s fiction. It’s the rhetoric of the Congress and the chief executive, too."

Experiment hints that Global Warming theories are wrong - February 11, 2007

"When politicians and journalists declare that the science of global warming is settled, they show a regrettable ignorance about how science works."

Is environmentalism the new religion? - February 10, 2007

"David Orrell set out to explain why the mathematical models scientists use to predict the weather, the climate and the economy are not getting any better, just more refined in their uncertainty. What he discovered, in trying to sketch the first principles of prophecy, was the religious nature of modern environmentalism."

The need for an apocalypse - February 2, 2007

"That environmentalism is in fact a pseudo-religion goes without saying. Like all such, it... must have... an apocalypse - and that's what global warming is all about."

Senate speech by Senator James Inhofe - September 25, 2006

"I am going to speak today about the most media-hyped environmental issue of all time, global warming."

Canada Free Press article by Tom Harris - June 12, 2006

"Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention."

Facts about global warming from - April 21, 2006

"...the big warming numbers come not from measurements but from computer models. These computer models and their output are passionately defended by the modeling clique and frequently derided by empiricists -- but the bottom line is that models make an enormous range of assumptions. Whether all the assumptions, tweaks and parameter adjustments really collectively add up to a realistic representation of the atmosphere is open to some conjecture..."

UK House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs - January 25, 2005

"As you can see, the global warming issue parts company with normative science at a pretty early stage."

Handouts & resources

SPPI collection of GW papers - August 1, 2011

Compilation of Global Warming papers published by the Science & Public Policy Institute.

"Hide the decline" explained by Berkeley prof - February 27, 2011

YouTube video - note that the professor, Richard A. Muller, is not a skeptic when it comes to Global Warming, but he's an honest scientist who is furious with Michael Mann and James Hansen.

Is There Global Cooling? - 2010

"But, what if global warming is not what they say it is? What if the world's temperature is headed in the opposite direction?"

Surface Temperatures: Policy Driven Deception? - January 29, 2010

"Instrumental temperature data for the pre-satellite era (1850-1980) have been so widely, systematically, and unidirectionally tampered with that it cannot be credibly asserted there has been any significant “global warming” in the 20th century."

Scientific American's climate lies - December 29, 2009

"In this introduction, we have made some rude remarks about Scientific American. Did those remarks grate as you read them? If so, you will know what it feels like when, day after day, those scientists whose diligent research has shown the “global warming” scare to be nonsense have to put up with invective and vilification of the sort that Scientific American doles out in its poisonous article."

Founder of Weather Channel talks about Global Warming - undated

"I know that our Earth is going to be just fine with the burning of fossil fuels as long as they last."

The Cocktail Conversation Guide to Global Warming - July 23, 2009

"The Cocktail Conversation Guide to Global Warming offers succinct replies to questions about climate change. The Cocktail Guide is a handy reference for anyone following the efforts of the U.S. Congress and the Obama Administration to construct domestic and global restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions (and the energy producing those emissions)."

Climate Money by Joanne Nova - July 21, 2009

"The US government has spent over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, administration, education campaigns, foreign aid, and tax breaks. By pouring so much money into a question have we inadvertently created a self-fulfilling prophesy instead of an unbiased investigation?"

"There Is No Evidence" by Dr. David Evans - July 6, 2009

"We go through the usual “evidence” offered by alarmists, and show that in each case either it: • Is not evidence about what causes global warming. Proof that global warming occurred is not proof that CO2 was mainly responsible. • Is not empirical evidence; that is, it is not independent of theory. In particular models are theory, not evidence. • Says nothing about how much the temperature would rise for a given rise in CO2 levels."

The Skeptic's Handbook by Joanne Nova - Version 2.3, June 2009

"Rise above the mud-slinging in the Global Warming debate. Here are the strategies and tools you need to cut through the red-herrings and avoid the traps."

Ice age predictions

Earth may be headed into mini Ice Age - June 14, 2011

"What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which could mean that the Earth – far from facing a global warming problem – is actually headed into a mini Ice Age."

The mini ice age starts here - January 10, 2010

"The bitter winter afflicting much of the Northern Hemisphere is only the start of a global trend towards cooler weather that is likely to last for 20 or 30 years, say some of the world’s most eminent climate scientists."

Ice age predictions from 70's - December 3, 2009

"Many of you are too young to remember, but in 1975 our government pushed "the coming ice age." Random House dutifully printed "THE WEATHER CONSPIRACY … coming of the New Ice Age." This may be the only book ever written by 18 authors. All 18 lived just a short sled ride from Washington, D.C. Newsweek fell in line and did a cover issue warning us of global cooling on April 28, 1975. And The New York Times, Aug. 14, 1976, reported "many signs that Earth may be headed for another ice age.""

Sun oddly quiet - May 4, 2009

"The sun is the least active it's been in decades and the dimmest in a hundred years. The lull is causing some scientists to recall the Little Ice Age, an unusual cold spell in Europe and North America, which lasted from about 1300 to 1850."

Earth on the brink of an Ice Age - January 11, 2009

"Many sources of data which provide our knowledge base of long-term climate change indicate that the warm, twelve thousand year-long Holocene period will rather soon be coming to an end, and then the earth will return to Ice Age conditions for the next 100,000 years."

Capitalism Magazine column by Thomas Sowell - July 23, 2001

"Back in the 1970s, the hysteria was about global cooling and the prospect of a new ice age. A National Academy of Sciences report back then led Science magazine to conclude in its March 1, 1975 issue that a long "ice age is a real possibility.""

I.P.C.C./United Nations

Security Council makes ‘climate change’ a priority - July 21, 2011

"For the first time in four years, the U.N. Security Council debated Wednesday whether climate change should be considered a priority worthy of the council’s attention..."

UN moves the goalposts on climate refugees - April 21, 2011

"They predicted 50 million "refugees" by 2010, but not only have they failed to materialize, those areas that were supposed to be submerged by rising seas or made desert have increased in population." [More here.]

IPCC chair unaware of warming absence - December 2, 2010

"When asked about the fact that there has been no statistically significant global warming for the past 15 years, Pachauri became evasive. Even Phil Jones, a climatologist at the University of East Anglia and a prominent global warming alarmist, admitted this fact in the wake of Climategate."

IPCC official's stunning admission - November 18, 2010

"Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world's resources will be negotiated."

The book the IPCC plagiarized - September 3, 2010

"Some people think early editions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report were scrupulously science-based, but that the process became more politicized in recent years. A look at the first appearance of the health chapter – in the 1995 edition – challenges this view."

Rajendra Pachauri says sorry - March 27, 2010

"The outspoken chairman of the UN’s climate change body is to adopt a neutral advisory role and has agreed to stop making statements demanding new taxes and other radical policies on cutting emissions. In an interview with The Times, Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, apologised for his organisation’s handling of complaints about errors in its report."

IPCC rainforest claims were wrong - March 13, 2010

"The United Nations' climate change panel is facing fresh criticism after new research contradicted the organisation's claims about the devastating effect climate change could have on the Amazon rainforest."

IPCC hurricane claims wrong - February 28, 2010

"Research by hurricane scientists may force the UN’s climate panel to reconsider its claims that greenhouse gas emissions have caused an increase in the number of tropical storms."

Perfect storm brewing for IPCC - February 27, 2010

"The emerging errors of the IPCC's 2007 report are not incidental but fundamental..."

IPCC hurricane statements questioned - February 15, 2010

"More trouble looms for the IPCC. The body may need to revise statements made in its Fourth Assessment Report on hurricanes and global warming. A statistical analysis of the raw data shows that the claims that global hurricane activity has increased cannot be supported."

The Real Climategate Scandal - February 11, 2010

"The global warming scandal keeps getting worse. Revelations over the last few weeks show that many important assertions in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were based on misquotes and false claims from environmental groups, not on published academic research as originally claimed."

More errors in IPCC report - February 6, 2010

"The United Nations panel on climate change is facing fresh criticism today as The Sunday Telegraph reveals new factual errors and poor sources of evidence in its influential report to government leaders."

Netherlands adds to climate report controversy - February 5, 2010

"The Netherlands has asked the UN climate change panel to explain an inaccurate claim in a landmark 2007 report that more than half the country was below sea level, the Dutch government said Friday."

India forms new climate change body - February 4, 2010

"The Indian government has established its own body to monitor the effects of global warming because it “cannot rely” on the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the group headed by its own leading scientist Dr R.K Pachauri."

Pachauri doesn't heed IPCC advice - January 31, 2010

"Dr Pachauri showed no apparent inclination to cut global warming in his own back yard. On Friday, for the one-mile journey from home to his Delhi office, Dr Pachauri could have walked, or cycled, or used the eco-friendly electric car provided for him..."

IPCC knew about glacier lies before summit - January 30, 2010

"The chairman of the leading climate change watchdog was informed that claims about melting Himalayan glaciers were false before the Copenhagen summit, The Times has learnt."

IPCC based claims on magazine article - January 30, 2010

"The United Nations' expert panel on climate change based claims about ice disappearing from the world's mountain tops on a student's dissertation and an article in a mountaineering magazine."

UN climate chief admits mistake on glaciers - January 21, 2010

"The UN’s top climate change body has issued an unprecedented apology over its flawed prediction that Himalayan glaciers were likely to disappear by 2035."

There'll still be Himalayan glaciers in 2035 - December 22, 2009

"Lost amid the news coverage of Copenhagen and Climategate was the assertion that one of the more attention-grabbing statements of the IPCC AR4 was flat-out wrong:"

Putting our economy in the hands of Chavez fans - December 17, 2009

"When he said there was a “silent and terrible ghost in the room” and that ghost was called capitalism, the applause was deafening."

Copenhagen summit hypocrites - December 16, 2009

"Not many people understand climate change. But they can recognise hypocrisy when they see it, and are also likely to count their spoons whenever wild-eyed politicians invoke the impending end of the world."

Copenhagen in disarray after leak - December 8, 2009

"Developing countries react furiously to leaked draft agreement that would hand more power to rich nations, sideline the UN's negotiating role and abandon the Kyoto protocol"

Open letter to Copenhagen from skeptical scientists - December 8, 2009

"We the undersigned, being qualified in climate-related scientific disciplines, challenge the UNFCCC and supporters of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to produce convincing OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE for their claims of dangerous human-caused global warming and other changes in climate."

IPCC chairman says emails make no difference - November 29, 2009

"Rajendra Pachauri defended the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in the wake of apparent suggestions in emails between climate scientists at the University of East Anglia that they had prevented work they did not agree with from being included in the panel's fourth assessment report, which was published in 2007."

UNEP Report—Deception Starts with the Cover - October 1, 2009

"The title says “Climate Change 2009: Science Compendium” but the cover illustration screams “Political Propaganda!” Here is the cover of the UNEP report:"

A closer look at the I.P.C.C. - May 25, 2009

"The common presumption is that the IPCC has assembled the best scientific knowledge. Let’s take a closer look at this organization to see whether it merits such uncritical deference." [Also here.]

English transcript of interview with Czech president - February 8, 2007

"Global warming is a myth and every serious person and scientist says so. It is not fair to refer to the U.N. panel. IPCC is not a scientific institution: it's a political body, a sort of non-government organization of green flavor. It's neither a forum of neutral scientists nor a balanced group of scientists. These people are politicized scientists who arrive there with a one-sided opinion and a one-sided assignment."

Politics first, science second - January 27, 2007

"All of this, however, is just the usual stage-managed showmanship that surrounds all climate science."

Climate Audit by Steve McIntyre - January 24, 2007

"As noted in a prior post, only IPCC insiders have access to the WG1 Report between the Feb 2, 2007 release of the Summary for Policy-Makers and the scheduled publication of the WG1 Report in May 2007. To my knowledge, such a procedure is unprecedented in public commission reporting."

Op-Ed in Wall Street Journal by Frederick Seitz - June 12, 1996

"A Major Deception on Global Warming" - about the 1995 IPCC report

J.P. Travis columns about Global Warming

John Kerry and Global Warming consensus - February 22, 2014

"While all this stuff is happening, world events so scary the nightly news is like a horror show, John Kerry, our bumbling buffoonish Secretary of State, visited Indonesia this week and gave a speech about Global Warming. He announced that the most dangerous threat to the world is climate change."

Spring global warming prayer: No más, Lord, no más - March 20, 2013

"I know weather isn't the same thing as climate in the short run but, well, it is in the long run, doggone it. If it's still snowing like this on Memorial Day, it's time to move to Ecuador..."

Leftwing science – Part 1 - May 19, 2011

"In 1997, just before the Kyoto Climate Change Summit, Science Magazine journalist Gary Taubes explained that all the wild predictions of disease and public health calamities from global warming, which formed a crescendo of hysteria in the months leading up to Kyoto, were exaggerations concocted for our own good."

The five worst human beings in America - December 28, 2010

"Since the 1980’s James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City, has been engaged in a kind of guerilla warfare against our knowledge base: fabricating, exaggerating, propagandizing, and stifling debate in order to promote a scientific theory which aids his personal career and advances his virulently leftwing political beliefs."

Polar bear attack - October 11, 2010

"In September of 1994, Alvah Simon motored his 36-foot sailboat into a place few people have heard of, visited, or even noticed on a map – a place called Tay Bay..."

Global warming thought experiment - February 22, 2010

"As the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) disintegrates under a barrage of scientific fraud, bureaucratic stupidity, political ham-handedness, and greed, it might be the perfect time to step back and try for fresh perspective... with a thought experiment."

Copenhagen redux - December 19, 2009

"As the U.N.’s climate conference stumbles to its ignoble end with world leaders scrambling to put a happy face on failure and the world’s climate good-doobies saying goodbye to their favorite hookers and boarding their private jets, I have three lingering thoughts."

Copenhagen pigeon drop - December 16, 2009

"You are the pigeon in this story so pay attention."

The IPCC and global warming - February 4, 2007

"The creation of this website was inspired by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Fourth Assessment Report, "Summary for Policy-Makers", released two days ago in Paris, France."


Mann hires attorneys to fight FOIA - September 6, 2011

"Dr. Michael Mann, lead author of the discredited “hockey stick” graph that was once hailed by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as the “smoking gun” of the catastrophic man-made global warming theory, has asked to intervene in American Tradition Institute’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that seeks certain records produced by Mann and others while he was at the University of Virginia, for the purpose of keeping them hidden from the taxpayer."

Youths sue state of Colorado over GW - May 10, 2011

"An 11-year-old boy whose Gold Hill neighborhood burned in the Fourmile Fire has joined with a friend afraid of losing favorite hiking trails and an 18-year-old student with a growing asthmatic condition in a lawsuit against the state for failing to protect the environment."

Peer-reviewed papers

Ethanol production killed 192,000 people in 2010 - September 6, 2011

"A new peer-reviewed study in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons by Dr. Indur Goklany calculates that global ethanol production resulted in 192,000 excess deaths in developing countries in 2010. By diverting ever-greater quantities of food into the fuel supply, ethanol—a motor fuel distilled from corn, wheat, soy and palm oils—is making food more expensive, which starves poor people." [Journal of American Physicians and Surgeoans article here.]

CERN: Cosmic rays spur cloud formation - August 25, 2011

"CERN's 8,000 scientists may not be able to find the hypothetical Higgs boson, but they have made an important contribution to climate physics, prompting climate models to be revised. The first results from the lab's CLOUD ("Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets") experiment published in Nature today confirm that cosmic rays spur the formation of clouds through ion-induced nucleation."

NASA study blows hole in GW alarmism - July 27, 2011

"NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed."

Temperatures not affecting sea level - March 28, 2011

"The paper is currently in press at the Journal of Coastal Research and is provided with open access to the full publication. The results are stunning for their contradiction to AGW theories which suggest global warming would accelerate sea level rise during the last century."

Signs of global cooling - January 22, 2011

"For about 2 decades we have been told to urgently act against unprecedented global warming or else there will be fiery gloom and doom for the world. Yet, the opposite seems to be happening. The entire planet has stopped warming since 1998 and, more significantly, has started to cool since 2003."

Refutation of Steig Antarctic temperature study - November 26, 2010

"A detailed analysis is presented of a recently published Antarctic temperature reconstruction that combines satellite and ground information using a regularized expectation-maximization algorithm. Though the general reconstruction concept has merit, it is susceptible to spurious results for both temperature trends and patterns. The deficiencies include: (a) improper calibration of satellite data; (b) improper determination of spatial structure during infilling; and (c) suboptimal determination of regularization parameters, particularly with respect to satellite principal component retention."

Warming Power of CO2 and H2O - November 2010

"The main conclusion one arrives at the analysis is that CO2 has not a causal relation with global warming and it is not powerful enough to cause the historical changes in temperature that were observed. The main argument is the absence of immediate correlation between CO2 changes preceding temperature either for global or local changes. The greenhouse effect of the CO2 is very small compared to the water vapor because the absorbing effect is already realized with its historical values. So, the reduction of the outcoming long wave radiation window is not a consequence of current enrichment or even of a possible double ratio of CO2."

New paper rebuts Mann Hockey Stick - August 30, 2010

"This paper is a direct and serious rebuttal to the proxy reconstructions of Mann. It seems watertight on the surface, because instead of trying to attack the proxy data quality issues, they assumed the proxy data was accurate for their purpose, then created a bayesian backcast method. Then, using the proxy data, they demonstrate it fails to reproduce the sharp 20th century uptick."

Statitistical analysis of temperature proxies - August 2010

"Predicting historic temperatures based on tree rings, ice cores, and other natural proxies is a difficult endeavor. The relationship between proxies and temperature is weak and the number of proxies is far larger than the number of target data points. Furthermore, the data contain complex spatial and temporal dependence structures which are not easily captured with simple models. In this paper, we assess the reliability of such reconstructions and their statistical significance against various null models. We find that the proxies do not predict temperature significantly better than random series generated independently of temperature."

New paper refutes AGW-caused blizzards - July 26, 2010

"Peer reviewed paper refutes claims of blizzards of last winter being driven by “global warming”"

Greenland still not as warm as during MWP - April 21, 2010

"In the words of the seven scientists, "temperatures during the warmest intervals of the Medieval Warm Period," which they defined as occurring "some 900 to 1300 years ago, "were as warm as or slightly warmer than present day Greenland temperatures [bold added].""

Another study challenges climate change ‘orthodoxy’ - July 24, 2009

"Virtually all changes in global atmospheric temperatures in the late 20th century were the result of nature rather than human activity, according to a new peer-reviewed study, one of whose authors predicted Friday was “sure to cause a stir.”"

Determination of climate feedbacks from ERBE data - July 14, 2009

"Abstract: Climate feedbacks are estimated from fluctuations in the outgoing radiation budget from the latest version of Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) nonscanner data. It appears, for the entire tropics, the observed outgoing radiation fluxes increase with the increase in sea surface temperatures (SSTs). The observed behavior of radiation fluxes implies negative feedback processes associated with relatively low climate sensitivity. This is the opposite of the behavior of 11 atmospheric models forced by the same SSTs. Therefore, the models display much higher climate sensitivity than is inferred from ERBE..."

On the credibility of climate predictions - June 10, 2008

"Abstract: Geographically distributed predictions of future climate, obtained through climate models, are widely used in hydrology and many other disciplines, typically without assessing their reliability. Here we compare the output of various models to temperature and precipitation observations from eight stations with long (over 100 years) records from around the globe. The results show that models perform poorly, even at a climatic (30-year) scale. Thus local model projections cannot be credible, whereas a common argument that models can perform better at larger spatial scales is unsupported."

Climate Change Reexamined - 2007

"Abstract: Claimed human-caused warming of the Earth to dangerous and unprecedented levels by human-related emissions of carbon dioxide is contradicted mainly by a non-correlation of carbon dioxide levels with warming. Details are given of misleading proxy temperature reconstructions, as well as of misleading proxy atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. Evidence is presented to show that trepidation about runaway land surface temperatures should apply only to giant urban heat islands, not to rural areas or oceans..."

Contaminated climate data - December 22, 2007

"...our analysis does suggest that nonclimatic effects are present in the gridded temperature data used by the IPCC and that they likely add up to a net warming bias at the global level that may explain as much as half the observed land-based warming trend."

Ferenc M. Miskolczi refutes runaway greenhouse theory - October 29, 2006

"In general, the thermal structure of the atmosphere assures that the absorbed surface upward radiation is equal to the downward atmospheric radiation. It seems that the Earth's atmosphere maintains the balance between the absorbed short wave and emitted long wave radiation by keeping the total flux optical depth close to the theoretical equilibrium values."

On natural climate cycles by Lin Zhen-Shan and Sun Xian - July 31, 2006

"...the CO2 greenhouse effect will be deficient in counterchecking the natural cooling of global climate in the [next] 20 years." You can purchase the actual paper here.

Polar regions & glaciers

225-year reconstruction of Greenland ice - May 2, 2011

"Alarmist climate change scenarios call for Greenland to shed its ice cover extremely rapidly and send the sea level a meter or more higher by the end of this century. But a more rational look at the data makes such claims hard to justify..."

Now they say Arctic ice gone by 2016 - April 7, 2011

"Scientists who predicted a few years ago that Arctic summers could be ice-free by 2013 now say summer sea ice will probably be gone in this decade. The original prediction, made in 2007, gained Wieslaw Maslowski's team a deal of criticism from some of their peers. Now they are working with a new computer model - compiled partly in response to those criticisms - that produces a "best guess" date of 2016."

Debunking the Antarctica warming myth - February 17, 2011

"In January 2009, Nature magazine ran the a cover story (pictured) conveying dramatic news about Antarctica: that most of it had warmed significantly over the last half-century..."

Some Himalayan glaciers advancing, not melting - January 27, 2011

"The new study by scientists at the Universities of California and Potsdam has found that half of the glaciers in the Karakoram range, in the northwestern Himlaya, are in fact advancing and that global warming is not the deciding factor in whether a glacier survives or melts."

Study refutes claims of warming Antarctic - December 2, 2010

"Using a more rational (though not magical) policy on retained PCs, a very different picture emerged as illustrated below. The “traditional” picture of very strong warming on the Antarctic peninsula re-emerged, together with large areas of cooling on the continent. Instead of the West Antarctic being a location of anomalous warming, as Steig et al had purported to show, parts of it were actually cooling."

New study slashes estimate of icecap loss - September 7, 2010

"Estimates of the rate of ice loss from Greenland and West Antarctica, one of the most worrying questions in the global warming debate, should be halved, according to Dutch and US scientists."

Early cold hits Arctic - August 15, 2010

"Summer has come to a premature and frosty end at Santa’s workshop. It has been the coldest summer on record north of 80N, and temperatures have dropped below freezing ahead of the average date."

Scientist says Arctic getting colder - April 23, 2010

"A Russian scientist says the Arctic may be getting colder, not warmer, which would hamper the international race to discover new mineral fields."

Arctic melting season latest start on record - April 6, 2010

"The extent of sea ice over the Arctic Ocean grew until the last day of March, the latest the annual melting season has begun in 31 years of satellite records..."

Arctic ice back to normal - March 31, 2010

"Barring an about face by nature or adjustments, it appears that for the first time since 2001, Arctic Sea ice will hit the “normal” line as defined by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) for this time of year."

Arctic Ocean getting warm... in 1922 - March 16, 2010

"A Washington, D.C. resident John Lockwood was conducting research at the Library of Congress and came across an intriguing headline in the Nov. 2, 1922 edition of The Washington Post: Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt."

12 more glaciers that aren't melting - January 25, 2010

"Here are a dozen glaciers (or groups of glaciers) around the world that are growing almost as quickly as global warming skepticism."

World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown - January 17, 2010

"A warning that climate change will melt most of the Himalayan glaciers by 2035 is likely to be retracted after a series of scientific blunders by the United Nations body that issued it."

Arctic too warm for sea ice 3 million years ago - December 29, 2009

"Scientists documented evidence that the Arctic Ocean and Nordic Seas were too warm to support summer sea ice during the mid-Pliocene warm period (3.3 to 3 million years ago). This period is characterized by warm temperatures similar to those projected for the end of this century, and is used as an analog to understand future conditions."

Himalayan glacier prediction 'a mistake' - December 5, 2009

"The UN panel on climate change warning that Himalayan glaciers could melt to a fifth of current levels by 2035 is wildly inaccurate, an academic says."

Greenpeace chief admits lying about Arctic ice - August 19, 2009

"The outgoing leader of Greenpeace has admitted his organization’s recent claim that the Arctic Ice will disappear by 2030 was “a mistake.” Greenpeace made the claim in a July 15 press release entitled “Urgent Action Needed As Arctic Ice Melts,” which said there will be an ice-free Arctic by 2030 because of global warming."

Argentine glacier advancing - June 15, 2009

"Nourished by Andean snowmelt, the glacier constantly grows even as it spawns icebergs the size of apartment buildings into a frigid lake, maintaining a nearly perfect equilibrium since measurements began more than a century ago."

Tundra releases carbon slower than thought - May 28, 2009

"We find that areas that thawed over the past 15 years had 40 per cent more annual losses of old carbon than minimally thawed areas, but had overall net ecosystem carbon uptake as increased plant growth offset these losses."

North Pole ice sheet thicker than expected - April 28, 2009

"The result is surprising. The sea-ice in the surveyed areas is apparently thicker than scientists had suspected."

Robot sub learns ice being melted by currents - March 17, 2009

""My hypothesis is that more water seems to be coming toward the glacier rather than the temperature of the water is rising," said Adrian Jenkins, the lead British scientist at the British Antarctic Survey."

Greenland ice yields hope on climate - July 6, 2007

"An international team of scientists, drilling deep into the ice layers of Greenland, has found DNA from ancient spiders and trees, evidence that suggests the frozen shield covering the immense island survived the earth's last period of global warming."

Study says Greenland glacier melting is variable - February 13, 2007

"Our main point is that the behavior of these glaciers can change a lot from year to year, so we can't assume to know the future behavior from short records of recent changes."

Indian experts challenge IPCC, say glaciers not melting - February 11, 2007

"Raina told the Hindustan Times that out of 9,575 glaciers in India, till date, research has been conducted only on about 50. Nearly 200 years data has shown that nothing abnormal has occurred in any of these glaciers."

NewsBusters exposes polar bear photo fraud - February 4, 2007

Exposes truth about photograph purportedly showing polar bears trapped on ice melted by global warming. Turns out it's an old picture taken in mid-summer and the ice floe was formed by waves, not Global Warming.

Polar bear numbers up fivefold since 1970's - January 22, 2007

"That's right, the problem confronting polar bears may be overpopulation, not extinction!"

Greenland ice cap thickening - October 21, 2005

"Greenland's icecap has thickened slightly in recent years despite concerns that it is thawing out due to global warming, says an international team of scientists."

Collection of studies which show that Greenland is cooling - September 15, 2005

"In conclusion, Greenland, like most of the rest of the world, is subject to a likely solar-induced millennial-scale oscillation of climate that produced a Medieval Warm Period there about a thousand years ago that was approximately 1°C warmer than what it is today; and in contrast to climate-alarmist claims, it has not experienced unprecedented warming over the past few decades. Rather, it has experienced cooling in most places."

Global warming scandals

42% of weather stations don't meet standards - September 30, 2011

"Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today welcomed a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) entitled “NOAA Can Improve Their Management of the U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USHCN).” This report quantifies lingering questions concerning proper siting of weather stations, finding about 42% of the active USHCN stations in 2010 did not meet one or more of NOAA’s siting standards."

Arctic scientist under investigation - July 28, 2011

"Just five years ago, Charles Monnett was one of the scientists whose observation that several polar bears had drowned in the Arctic Ocean helped galvanize the global warming movement. Now, the wildlife biologist is on administrative leave and facing accusations of scientific misconduct." [More here.]

Research center 'adjusted' sea-level data - June 17, 2011

"Is climate change raising sea levels, as Al Gore has argued -- or are climate scientists doctoring the data? The University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group decided in May to add 0.3 millimeters -- or about the thickness of a fingernail -- every year to its actual measurements of sea levels, sparking criticism from experts who called it an attempt to exaggerate the effects of global warming."

What did Penn State know? - March 10, 2011

"In an interview yesterday, Mann told Eli Kintisch of Science... that it has been “known for a year and half” that he forwarded Jones’ delete request to Wahl. If Mann’s claim is true (and I do not believe it to be true), then this raises serious questions about statements in the Penn State Inquiry Report..."

2nd failure in a row of NASA climate satellite - March 8, 2011

"But there’s something else funny going on here, and not in the holding-your-sides-with-laughter sense, that could create fodder for the conspiracy minded. Both OCO and Glory were specifically designed to help resolve the controversial issue of the degree to which earth’s climate is changing and if so, the degree to which human actions are the cause."

Penn State whitewashed ClimateGate - March 8, 2011

"A federal government inspector general has revealed prima facie proof that the so-called independent inquiries widely if implausibly described as clearing the ClimateGate principals of wrongdoing were, in fact, whitewashes. This has been confirmed to Senate offices."

SEC charges seven in Global Warming scam - February 18, 2011

"The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a group of seven individuals who perpetrated a fraudulent pump-and-dump scheme in the stock of a sham company that purported to provide products and services to fight global warming."

GW crowd still withholding data - January 6, 2011

"Every inquiry into paleoclimate controversies, no matter how much whitewash was applied, concluded that climate scientists should archive data. If Neukom, Jones and their coauthors publish a multiproxy article, that means the multiproxy data, not just the output. If the contributing authors are not willing to archive their data, then it shouldn’t be used in a study in a climate journal. End of story."

100 arrested in carbon trading scam - December 28, 2010

"Europol have raided an elaborate CO2 emissions scam in Italy and have arrested more than 100 persons. The Kleine Zeitung writes: “The damage runs in the billions of euros”."

New Zealand forced to abandon temperature record - December 20, 2010

"NIWA has abandoned the official national temperature record and created a new one following sustained pressure from the NZ Climate Science Coalition and the Climate Conversation Group."

WikiLeaks reveals U.S. manipulations - December 3, 2010

"Embassy dispatches show America used spying, threats and promises of aid to get support for Copenhagen accord"

ClimateGate: One year later - November 17, 2010

"Despite the revelations exposed in the now public climate huckster’s handbook, one year later the specter of governance and wealth redistribution both national and international based largely, if not solely, on pseudo-scientific hocus-pocus persists."

ClimateGate: Climate change lies exposed - August 31, 2010

"A high-level inquiry into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found there was “little evidence” for its claims about global warming. It also said the panel had emphasised the negative impacts of climate change and made “substantive findings” based on little proof." [More here.]

SatelliteGate - August 16, 2010

"US Government admits global warming satellite sensors “degraded” - temperatures may be out by 10-15 degrees. Now five satellites in controversy. Top scientists speak out. In an escalating row dubbed ‘Satellitegate’ further evidence proves NOAA knew of these faults for years."

ClimateGate: Inquiry glosses over facts - July 20, 2010

"When the Climategate e-mails were released last year, the evidence of misconduct by the scientists involved was so strong that the climate establishment was forced to commission a series of tribunals. Yet the conclusions of those inquiries are as specious as the science they were supposed to investigate. By asking the wrong questions -- or not asking them at all -- they have failed to advance the climate debate one iota."

ClimateGate: The Penn State whitewash - July 14, 2010

"The Penn State inquiry exonerating Michael Mann -- the paleoclimatologist who came up with "the hockey stick" -- would be difficult to parody. Three of four allegations are dismissed out of hand at the outset: the inquiry announces that, for "lack of credible evidence", it will not even investigate them."

ClimateGate: reinstating Phil Jones good news - July 8, 2010

"This is the third Climategate whitewash job and it would be tempting to see it as just as futile as its predecessors. That, however, would be to underrate its value to the sceptic cause, which is considerable."

JudithGate - June 24, 2010

", a Czech climate skeptic blog, has posted today an interesting article "Judithgate: The IPCC was only one Solar Physicist" (google rough translation). Her name is Judith Lean (photo at right). On the basis of this "consensus of one" solar physicist, the IPCC proclaimed solar influences upon the climate to be minimal."

Virginia AG sues Michael Mann - April 30, 2010

"This blog’s hero of the week is Ken Cuccinelli. He’s the new Attorney General of Virginia and he’s about to launch quite possibly the most delicious and worthwhile law suit in the entire history of litigation: one that could result in Michael Mann – arch-climate-fear-promoter, comedy You Tube Star, creator of the infamous, twice-discredited Hockey Stick – being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for alleged misuse of state grant funding."

ClimateGate: The investigation - April 29, 2010

"Buried deep within the report is a compelling piece of evidence."

ClimateGate whitewash - April 14, 2010

"There is now a desperate effort afoot by assorted climate alarmists to explain away the revelations of the incriminating e-mails leaked last year from the University of East Anglia (UEA)." [More here and here.]

Superstorm for global warming research - April 1, 2010

"Plagued by reports of sloppy work, falsifications and exaggerations, climate research is facing a crisis of confidence. How reliable are the predictions about global warming and its consequences? And would it really be the end of the world if temperatures rose by more than the much-quoted limit of two degrees Celsius?"

Now it's CowGate - March 25, 2010

"It is becoming difficult to keep pace with the speed at which the global warming scam is now unravelling. The latest reversal of scientific “consensus” is on livestock and the meat trade as a major cause of global warming – one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to eco-vegetarian cranks. Now a scientific report delivered to the American Chemical Society says it is nonsense. The Washington Times has called it “Cowgate”."

NASA heads knew NASA data was poor - March 10, 2010

"Email messages obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute via a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that the climate dataset of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) was considered — by the top climate scientists within NASA itself — to be inferior to the data maintained by the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU)."

Senator asks DOJ to investigate scandal - February 23, 2010

"Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) today asked the Obama administration to investigate what he called “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation” — the actions of climate scientists revealed by the Climategate files, and the subsequent admissions by the editors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4)."

Scientists withdraw sea level claims - February 21, 2010

"Scientists have been forced to withdraw a study on projected sea level rise due to global warming after finding mistakes that undermined the findings."

Phil Jones admits no warming since 1995 - February 14, 2010

"Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now – suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon. And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming."

'Climate-gate' review member resigns - February 11, 2010

"Within hours of the launch of an independent panel to investigate claims that climate scientists covered up flawed data on temperature rises, one member has been forced to resign after sceptics questioned his impartiality."

The Real Climategate Scandal - February 11, 2010

"The global warming scandal keeps getting worse. Revelations over the last few weeks show that many important assertions in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were based on misquotes and false claims from environmental groups, not on published academic research as originally claimed."

Penn State probe into Mann a 'Total Whitewash' - February 5, 2010

"How thoroughly did Penn State University investigate a top climate scientist who brought hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to the school? A growing number of critics say they hardly looked at all."

Climategate: Is It Criminal? - February 5, 2010

"The potential criminality of the Climategate scandal is exactly the issue that is being investigated by authorities in Britain."

Chinagate: Chinese temperature data fraudulent? - February 1, 2010

"A Guardian investigation of thousands of emails and documents apparently hacked from the University of East Anglia's climatic research unit has found evidence that a series of measurements from Chinese weather stations were seriously flawed and that documents relating to them could not be produced." [Further analysis here.]

Check the numbers - February 2010

"Recent climate scandal underscores the need for academic due diligence." [Includes summary of Hockey Stick controversy]

Climategate scientists broke law - January 28, 2010

"The university at the centre of the climate change row over stolen e-mails broke the law by refusing to hand over its raw data for public scrutiny."

Amazongate - January 25, 2010

"It seems that, not content with having lied to us about shrinking glaciers, increasing hurricanes, and rising sea levels, the IPCC’s latest assessment report also told us a complete load of porkies about the danger posed by climate change to the Amazon rainforest." [Further analysis here.]

Scientist admits IPCC used fake data - January 23, 2010

"The scientist behind the bogus claim in a Nobel Prize-winning UN report that Himalayan glaciers will have melted by 2035 last night admitted it was included purely to put political pressure on world leaders."

NOAA – Data In/Garbage Out - January 22, 2010

"...while the Hadley Center in the U.K. has been the subject of recent scrutiny, “[w]e think NOAA is complicit, if not the real ground zero for the issue.”"

$541,000 in Stimulus Money Creates 1.62 Jobs - January 14, 2010

"Climategate scientist Michael Mann received a $541,000 National Science Foundation grant under the stimulus bill passed by Congress in February. According to the government’s transparency website on stimulus spending, the grant has generated 1.62 jobs and is less than 50 percent complete (that’s $334,000 per job)."

Cimategate and Penn State - January 12, 2010

"While PSU is to be commended for recognizing that Climategate is a serious matter and that an investigation into Michael Mann's conduct is warranted, the investigation constitutes a conflict of interest for the university. Mann's climate work brings enough visibility, prestige, and revenue to PSU to legitimately call into question the university's ability to do a thorough and unbiased investigation."

Copenhagen climate junket - January 11, 2010

"Our investigation found that the congressional delegation was so large, it needed three military jets: two 737's and a Gulfstream Five -- up to 64 passengers -- traveling in luxurious comfort."

Michael Mann's unhappy new year - January 3, 2010

"...I am so glad to report that Michael Mann – creator of the incredible Hockey Stick curve and one of the scientists most heavily implicated in the Climategate scandal – is about to get a very nasty shock. When he turns up to work on Monday, he’ll find that all 27 of his colleagues at the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University have received a rather tempting email inviting them to blow the whistle on anyone they know who may have been fraudulently misusing federal grant funds for climate research."

Al Gore lies about Climategate - December 18, 2009

"Al Gore’s claim last week that the Climategate emails were insignificant relied on two main defences. Both are so flagrantly wrong that it’s not enough to say Gore is simply mistaken. No, Al Gore is a liar."

Russians accuse Brits of data tampering - December 17, 2009

"UK climatologists “probably tampered with Russian-climate data” to produce a report submitted to world leaders at this week’s Copenhagen summit, it is claimed." [More here.]

Congressman Ted Poe calls out NASA - December 9, 2009

YouTube video of Ted Poe admonishing NASA for refusing to release data.

Oh no! Another climate scam - December 4, 2009

"...the Copenhagen Post Online brings word of an exploding scandal in the Scandanavian nation involving massive fraud in the trading of the Danish CO2 Quotas Register. That's Denmark's cap-and-trade system in which companies buy and sell carbon emissions credits."

Who's who on climate fraud - December 4, 2009

"Here’s a rogue’s gallery of five major perpetrators of what’s turning out to be the biggest scientific hoax in modern history:"

UN will whitewash Climategate - December 4, 2009

"...the United Nations happens to be one of the most inefficient, corruption-riddled, unaccountable and untransparent entities on the face of the earth. It is hard to see how the UN is going to conduct this kind of inquiry with a straight face, let alone an ounce of credibility."

NASA hiding climate data - December 3, 2009

"The fight over global warming science is about to cross the Atlantic with a U.S. researcher poised to sue NASA, demanding release of the same kind of climate data that has landed a leading British center in hot water over charges it skewed its data."

Former NASA climate scientist pleads guilty - December 2, 2009

"A former top climate scientist who had become of one the scientific world's most cited authorities on the human effect on Earth's atmosphere was sentenced to probation Tuesday after pleading guilty to steering lucrative no-bid contracts to his wife's company."

Boxer wants criminal probe of Climategate hackers - December 2, 2009

"Leaked e-mails allegedly undermining climate change science should be treated as a criminal matter, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Wednesday afternoon."

Phil Jones stepping down - December 1, 2009

"A scientist who is one of the central figures in the controversy over hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit announced Tuesday that he is stepping down while the university investigates the incident."

Penn State investigating Michael Mann - November 30, 2009

"One Penn State professor is involved in the scandal. The Penn State administration plans to investigate Climategate and determine if it needs to take further action, the Daily Collegian reports."

Climate change data dumped - November 29, 2009

"Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based. It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years."

Climategate scandal spreads to New Zealand - November 26, 2009

"Wow! The scandal just gets juicier and juicier. Now it seems that the Kiwis may have been at it too – tinkering with raw data to make “Global Warming” look scarier than it really is."

Greenie shaken by Climategate emails - November 24, 2009

"Greeno supremo George Monbiot concedes: "It’s no use pretending this isn’t a major blow. The emails extracted by a hacker from the climatic research unit at the University of East Anglia could scarcely be more damaging. I am now convinced that they are genuine, and I’m dismayed and deeply shaken by them.""

Phil Jones admits emails are genuine - November 20, 2009

"The University of East Anglia CRU director admits the emails seem to be genuine:"

Climategate Document Database - November 19, 2009

"On November 19, 2009, climate science was severely shaken by the release of a collection of email messages, together with a collection of data and data processing programs, that were hacked or revealed by a whistle blower from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU), one of the key centers of global warming research. These emails and text files have been the subject of intense debate, calling to question assumptions on anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. They are offered here by PJTV/Pajamas Media in conjunction with the Competitive Enterprise Institute/ for the purpose of education and comment."

Sea levels

2-year decline in sea levels - September 21, 2011

"Earlier this month, the European Space Agency's Envisat monitoring, global sea level revealed a “two year long decline [in sea level] was continuing, at a rate of 5mm per year.”"

Pacific islands not sinking - June 11, 2010

"In a forthcoming issue of the journal Global and Planetary Change, researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission in Fiji documented changes in 27 vulnerable, low-lying reef islands in the Central Pacific. Using aerial photographs taken as early as 1944, the areas were carefully mapped and compared with modern satellite images. It turns out that the islands did, in fact, change over time, but they are hardly sinking. Overall, 20 grew or remained stable."

Scientist withdraw sea level claims - February 21, 2010

"Scientists have been forced to withdraw a study on projected sea level rise due to global warming after finding mistakes that undermined the findings."

Science is in on sea-level rise - November 7, 2009

"Sea levels on Australia's eastern seaboard are rising at less than a third of the rate that the NSW government is predicting as it overhauls the state's planning laws and bans thousands of landowners from developing coastal sites."

Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told' - March 28, 2009

"...the uncompromising verdict of Dr Mörner, who for 35 years has been using every known scientific method to study sea levels all over the globe, is that all this talk about the sea rising is nothing but a colossal scare story."

Bangladesh gaining land, not losing - July 29, 2008

"New data shows that Bangladesh's landmass is increasing, contradicting forecasts that the South Asian nation will be under the waves by the end of the century, experts say."

Photo of unchanging sea level - January 20, 2004

Front page of this website shows a photograph taken in 2004 of a mean sea level mark made in 1842. The mark is above water, and seems to demonstrate a lack of change in mean sea level over the last 162 years.

Stupid & funny stuff

Is GW making sea turtles extinct? - September 17, 2011

"A picture is worth a thousand words... For all of you who have heard about global warming causing the decline in sea turtles. Aha… maybe we have just discovered why the sea turtle is becoming extinct; and it is not global warming!"

GW causes mental illness! - August 29, 2011

"RATES of mental illnesses including depression and post-traumatic stress will increase as a result of climate change, a report to be released today says."

Aliens might destroy Earth because of GW - August 18, 2011

"Watching from afar, extraterrestrial beings might view changes in Earth's atmosphere as symptomatic of a civilisation growing out of control – and take drastic action to keep us from becoming a more serious threat, the researchers explain."

Asian pollution stopped Global Warming - July 4, 2011

"Smoke belching from Asia's rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulphur's cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared, a U.S. study said on Monday."

Kill a camel to stop global warming - June 9, 2011

"Australia is considering awarding carbon credits for killing feral camels as a way to tackle climate change."

It's going to be a cold winter - January 28, 2011

"It was late fall and the Indians on a remote reservation in South Dakota asked their new chief if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild..."

Genocide good for the climate - January 28, 2011

"Genghis Khan's great accomplishment for the green cause? Killing off 40 million humans so their un-tilled fields would be overtaken by forests."

Models predict calamity in year 3000! - January 12, 2011

"Even if humans stop producing excess carbon dioxide in 2100, the lingering effects of global warming could span the next millennia. The results? By the year 3000, global warming would be more than a hot topic — the West Antarctic ice sheet could collapse, and global sea levels would rise by about 13 feet (4 meters), according to a new study."

"Gaia will have a brain" - January 10, 2011

"I think that within this century the concept of the strong Gaia will actually become physically manifest... This planet, this Gaia, will have acquired a brain and a nervous system. That will make it act as a living animal, as a living organism..."

Naked bodies and blood - January 3, 2011

"Environmentalists and scientists are concerned about the massive drop in public interest in the topic over the last year. Now they are looking for new strategies to turn the tide. They're searching for so-called "mind bombs" -- highly emotional images that reduce a complex problem down to one core message."

GW delegate stranded by cold weather - December 7, 2010

"Vicky Pope, head of the climate predictions programme at the Met Office’s Hadley Centre, was stuck at Gatwick airport this week, a victim of Britain’s brutal cold snap."

Your coal-fired electric car - November 30, 2010

"Rush Limbaugh has coined some of the best words for saving our PC-corrupted public language, but I think this gem should be remembered: Rush says that electric cars are "coal-fired." Which is exactly correct, and it's funny, too."

Colder winters caused by Global Warming? - November 16, 2010

"Climate change could lead to colder winters in northern regions, according to a study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research on Tuesday."

Eco-fascism jumps the shark - October 1, 2010

"I predicted this morning that No Pressure – Richard Curtis’s spectacularly ill-judged eco-propaganda movie for the 10:10 campaign – would prove a disastrous own goal for the green movement. But what I could never have imagined was how quickly public disgust – even among greenies – would reach such a pitch that the campaigners would be compelled to withdraw it from the internet."

Faster than everywhere else! - July 24, 2010

"Can everyplace really be warming much faster than everyplace else?"

Michael Mann threatens lawsuit - April 26, 2010

"The Penn State climate professor who has silently endured investigations, hostile questioning, legislative probes and attacks by colleagues has finally spoken out. He says he'll sue the makers of a satirical video that's a hit on You Tube. Their response: Bring it on." [Watch the video on YouTube here.]

Another polar rescue of idiot warmist - April 21, 2010

"Tom Smitheringale wanted to prove the world was warming. Now he's another alarmist with frostbite."

Lovelock: Humans too stupid to fight AGW - March 29, 2010

"Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change from radically impacting on our lives over the coming decades. This is the stark conclusion of James Lovelock, the globally respected environmental thinker and independent scientist who developed the Gaia theory... One of the main obstructions to meaningful action is "modern democracy", he added."

RFK, Jr. 15 months ago: no snow in DC - February 8, 2010

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who flies around on private planes so as to tell larger numbers of people how they must live their lives in order to save the planet, wrote a column last year on the lack of winter weather in Washington, D.C."

Blizzard changes NOAA climate announcement - February 8, 2010

"As D.C. continued to dig out from Snowmageddon and is keeping an eye on another storm system, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was busy making a climate change announcement."

Bin Laden is newest Global Warming ally - January 29, 2010

"Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has called in a new audiotape for the world to boycott American goods and the U.S. dollar, blaming the United States and other industrialized countries for global warming."

Something is going on out there! - Flashback

Breitbart video of Democrats complaining about lack of snow because of climate change.

Climate expert predicts end of snow - January 8, 2010

"According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said."

Head of Met Office gets a grilling - January 7, 2010

YouTube video of John Hirst, head of the Met Office, being interviewed on BBC.

Snowstorm squelches Global Warming protest - December 30, 2009

"A downtown protest of the climate change talks in Copenhagen became a victim of Wednesday's snowstorm. "Not many people showed up because of the blizzard conditions," said organizer Clea Major, an international studies student at the University of Utah."

Nathan Myhrvold's Global Warming solution - December 20, 2009

"The global warming solution proposed by Nathan Myhvold involves Nathan Myhrvold's Anti Global Warming Scheme running a hose up to the stratosphere with balloons and using that hose to pump out enough sulfur particles to dim the sun's heat just enough to counteract the effects of global warming. The estimated cost would be about two hundred and fifty million dollars." [This guy is serious.]

Blizzard dumps snow on warming summit - December 17, 2009

"World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight."

If Hansen can’t predict our past… - December 10, 2009

"The West Side Highway [which runs along the Hudson River] will be under water. And there will be tape across the windows across the street because of high winds. And the same birds won’t be there. The trees in the median strip will change."

Climategate: It Wont Go Away, So Report It! - November 28, 2009

YouTube video of Canadian sneaking into a CBC news broadcast with a sign that says, "Climategate: It wont go away, Report it, CBC."

Ed Begley loses it on Fox News - November 24, 2009

"Yikes. Someone got the talking points. Can you say, “Peer reviewed studies?”"

Global warming causes prostitution - November 19, 2009

"The effects of climate change have driven women in communities in coastal areas in poor countries like the Philippines into dangerous work, and sometimes even the flesh trade, a United Nations official said."

Al Gore demonstrates his scientific genius - November 18, 2009

"People think about geothermal energy — when they think about it at all — in terms of the hot water bubbling up in some places, but two kilometers or so down in most places there are these incredibly hot rocks, ’cause the interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees..."

Global warming ate my homework - November 17, 2009

"Late for a party? Miss a meeting? Forget to pay your rent? Blame climate change; everyone else is doing it... Here’s a list of 100 storylines blaming climate change as the problem."

British court rules belief in AGW is a religion - November 3, 2009

"In a landmark ruling, Mr Justice Michael Burton said that "a belief in man-made climate change ... is capable, if genuinely held, of being a philosophical belief for the purpose of the 2003 Religion and Belief Regulations"."

Airline asks passengers to use toilet before boarding - October 6, 2009

"A Japanese airline has started asking passengers to go to the toilet before boarding in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. All Nippon Airways (ANA) claims that empty bladders mean lighter passengers, a lighter aircraft and thus lower fuel use."

Climate summit flop feared - August 19, 2009

"Hotel reservation cancellations spark failure fears for the upcoming climate conference in Copenhagen... The Foreign Ministry has cancelled 20,000 overnight hotel reservations meant for people attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December."

Start counting the UN’s scary millions - August 13, 2009

"At least 25 million - and as many as 50 million - global warming refugees within the next 16 months? From zero to at least a million a month until December next year? Is the UN really pinning its reputation on this prediction?" [More here.]

Debbie Stabenow "feels" climate change when she flies - August 11, 2009

"...Senator Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) - recently appointed to the Senate Energy Committee - made clear that fighting the climate crisis is her top priority. "Climate change is very real," she confessed as she embraced cap and trade's massive tax increase on Michigan industry... "Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I'm flying."

Climate professor complains about more vegetation in Arctic - July 31, 2009

"Professor Greg Henry of the University of British Columbia also said higher temperatures meant larger plants were starting to spread across the tundra, which is usually covered by small shrubs, grasses and lichen."

Monckton answers Limbaugh about painting roofs white - June 6, 2009

"Rush Limbaugh is really asking three questions: Does the Chu-Chu’s science make the grade, or is he off track? Does his proposal make any more economic sense than your average steam railroad? Is “global warming” a global crisis rather than a signal failure of prediction? I’m happy to answer all three questions. No, No, and No."

'Global warming is baloney' signs at Burger King - June 5, 2009

"A row between the fast food giant Burger King and one of its major franchise owners has erupted over roadside signs proclaiming "global warming is baloney"."

Al Gore's underwater condo - May 8, 2009

"There are lots of reports on how Al Gore acquired another residence – a condo in San Francisco. Well, his Condo is at the St. Regis on 3rd between Mission and Minna. I dug around a little bit and found an interactive tool that allows specific spots on the map to be evaluated for sea level effect due to Global Warming. Want proof that Gore isn’t too worried about his 20 foot sea level increase promise? His building is in one of the areas he expects to be claimed by the sea."

Earth Day predictions of 1970 - April 22, 2009

"Here are some of the hilarious, spectacularly wrong predictions made on the occasion of Earth Day 1970."

Hilarious review of eco-friendly Honda Insight - May 17, 2009

"So here goes. It’s terrible. Biblically terrible. Possibly the worst new car money can buy. It’s the first car I’ve ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn’t have to drive it any more."

Official EPA instructions for CFL cleanup - undated

"Before Clean-up: Air Out the Room... Have people and pets leave the room, and don't let anyone walk through the breakage area on their way out... Open a window and leave the room for 15 minutes or more... Shut off the central forced-air heating/air conditioning system, if you have one."

NASA says clean-air regs, not CO2, are melting the ice cap - April 9, 2009

"New research from NASA suggests that the Arctic warming trend seen in recent decades has indeed resulted from human activities: but not, as is widely assumed at present, those leading to carbon dioxide emissions. Rather, Arctic warming has been caused in large part by laws introduced to improve air quality and fight acid rain."

Gore house uses 20 times average amount of electricity - February 26, 2007

"In his documentary, the former Vice President calls on Americans to conserve energy by reducing electricity consumption at home. The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh — more than 20 times the national average."

Cows cause more greenhouse gases than cars - February 20, 2007

"Livestock are responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions as measured in carbon dioxide equivalent, reports the FAO. This includes 9 percent of all CO2 emissions, 37 percent of methane, and 65 percent of nitrous oxide. Altogether, that's more than the emissions caused by transportation."

Clean air adding to global warming - April 7, 2006

"Reduced air pollution and increased water evaporation appear to be adding to man-made global warming."

Weather reports

Weather reports were moved to their own page:

September 22, 2012 - Thank you again for all you do for the nation during these most critical of times. The following YouTube interview regarding Agenda 21 and Global Governance is for posting on your website and blogging if you can use it. It is vital that Americans understand fully that this is not just another election. Thank you. LINK for distribution, sharing, blogging, tweeting, etc.: AGENDA 21: OBAMA & THE U.N.. - Sharon Sebastian, California

September 20, 2012 - Hello J.P. and greetings from Delaware and Ms. Ward's classroom! I hope it's alright to be contacting you like this! I'm currently working with my class on revamping my classroom website by adding some new sections/information. One of the students, David, came across your page while searching for environment/conservation related resource pages and found some great information there that we will most likely be using on my site. As part of the project, the kids make sure to share to find and share a resource with the folks that we have borrowed information from for "using their stuff," as one student put it haha. This is something that David found and thought would go well on your site: "Heating The Earth: A Guide to Global Warming." His suggestion is for you to add this resource to your links page for others to benefit from. If you like it, would you mind including it? I'd like to show him if you do add it, it's a great motivator for the kids when they get positive feedback and their links are posted. Thanks so much for being a part of this, I really appreciate it. Give me a shout back if you are able to add it :) Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance! - Ms. Deborah Ward (and David), Netherlands
J.P. replies: I can't help wondering how a Delaware school teacher is emailing me from an IP located in the Netherlands. As for your link, it's nothing more than rehashed Global Warmist bullshit masquerading as an objective summary. If you really are teaching children with that garbage, I feel bad for the kids.

June 4, 2012 - Good morning! My name is Sarah and I am an after-school teacher out in Colorado. My students have been using your webpage on Global Warming, and brought to my attention how helpful it has been for them for their Global Warming project! As a thank you, one of my students, Danielle, suggested another resource: "Global Warming and Climate Change." Could you add this to your page? I think it would be a great addition! I researched the article and it is very resourceful which is why I agreed to write to you when she asked me the other day. We would like to thank you again for the wonderful resources and hope that you add our newly discovered resource to your page! If you put it up, let me know, as I would love to show her the suggestion up... it would be a great motivator for her peers to see too! Have a wonderful day! - Sarah C., Colorado
J.P. replies: Your site is full of crap. Polar ice caps are not melting, species are not becoming extinct, sea levels are not rising, fresh water is not disappearing, and the frequency of hurricanes is not increasing. If all that was true, though, it's good to know that you have an umbrella for sale that solves everything.

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